RICH REVIEW: Identity Stunt Vol. 1: The Fall Guy

Title: Identity Stunt Vol. 1: The Fall Guy (GN)
Publisher: Markosia
Created and Written by: Joe R. Khachadourian
Artwork and Cover by: J. Briscoe Allison
Color Artwork by: Juancho Velez with Timothy Brown and Walter Pereyra
Lettered by: A.J. Scherkenbach with Ruairi Coleman and Joe R. Khachadourian
Chapter Break Artwork by: Tone Rodriguez, Ruairi Coleman, Juancho Velez, and Timothy Brown
Price: $ 18.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects issues one to four.
“Chapter 1: First Blood”
Sami Nasser a stuntman is just enjoying his life, his work and his separated wife Tracy. Now a villain Dominus Smith lets out the secret identity of Beatdown a super-hero. Is it Sami? Maybe? Maybe not?
Sami is one wonderful guy. He is a loving caring father and he loves his wife. He stands accused of being Beatdown.
A couple of mediocre villains attack Sami and the police officer protecting him. The battle is fierce yet it does show ordinary people can beat a supervillain.
Dominus the main villain goes too far attacking Sami’s daughter. Again we see ordinary humans fighting back against a supervillain. You do not need superpowers or augmentation to fight back against those who attack the innocent.
The story jumps back and forth in time way too much. It makes it hard to follow what is going on.
Beatdown and Sami team-up to save his daughter. This Beatdown guy is one grade A butt. He has no morals and does whatever he feels like. He is a dangerous vigilante.
Sami gets distracted on his rescue mission but he does keep going back to his focus. His daughter is his focus. He does go all out fighting to get to her. The fighting is illustrated in a tough beat down style.
The plot is weak as it makes little to no sense. The fighting is done well enough as street fighting. Sami has his luck change.
The ending of this story is what you hope for.

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