RICH INTERVIEWS: Whitney Moore  Actress “House of Demons”

First Comics News: Why did you decide to get into acting?

Whitney Moore: I’ve been acting in theatre since I was probably 10. For me, it’s always been both a lesson in empathy and a release. Also, it’s fun as hell.

1st: What is your role in “House of Demons”?

Whitney: I play Katrina in House of Demons. She’s at a point in her life where she’s trying to find her purpose, and instead of actually facing her problems in a constructive way she bandaids it with a new age lifestyle change.

1st: What is Katrina like in “House of Demons”?

Whitney: Katrina is sensitive and compassionate, but ashamed of her past mistakes and extremely averse to confrontation.

1st: Are you at all like Katrina?

Whitney: I don’t buy too much into new age philosophies, but I can definitely relate to certain parts of who she is- particularly her need to make people feel comfortable.

1st: What does your character Katrina have in her past that she faces?

Whitney: Without spoiling too much, she has a secret from her friends and her ex lover, played by Jeff Torres.

1st: How does it feel when you see yourself in a movie on screen?

Whitney: It’s hard not to be immediately self critical, but I’ve tried to move past that over the years. Mostly now I just remember how much fun I had on set!

1st: How do you feel about the “Birdemic” movies you made?

Whitney: They weren’t fun to make, but they’re very fun to watch and I’m thankful people have enjoyed them so much.

1st: What type of show was “Thrashtopia” and what did you do on the show?

Whitney: Thrashtopia is a show I created and starred in for Legendary’s Alpha channel. It’s an insane fever dream of a heavy metal, cyberpunk, apocalyptic variety show where I interview all sorts of characters in my underground bunker alongside my AI best friend, BunkerBot. Sort of like a heavy metal take on Peewee’s Playhouse. I have no idea how I got permission to make it.

1st: What type of character do you most enjoy playing?

Whitney: I love playing characters that are either very naive or very pompous. My passion is comedy so I tend to enjoy playing extremes the most.

1st: Have you been trained in acting or taken any classes?

Whitney: Yes, I’ve trained both in San Fransisco and all over Los Angeles. Currently, I’m studying with Greg Berger.

1st: What do you have planned next in your career?

Whitney: I stay busy between taking acting classes and hosting for DC, Syfy, Metalsucks, Bloody Disgusting, and Geek and Sundry, but this year I hope to put hosting on hold momentarily while I focus more on acting.

1st: Would you like to try any other aspect of making movies besides acting?

Whitney: Creating and producing Thrashtopia gave me a taste of the entire production process, as opposed to the small sliver that actors experience. I would love to oversee more projects in the future!

1st: How do you spend any free time you have?

Whitney: Lately I’ve been reading a lot of plays and playing Skyrim.

1st: What would you like to say to your fans?

Whitney: Your kind words are always so appreciated and inspiring, and I love hearing about the projects you are working on. Listen to metal and be a good person :)

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