Rey Mysterio Animation Series

A Rey Mysterio animation series will be coming to Cartoon Network Latin America in 2022. It will see the WWE star fight against the forces of evil in and outside the ring.

Produced by Mexican studio ¡Viva Calavera!, the series was first announced during the 2020 Pixelatl Festival a couple of months ago.

Now the makers have sent out a detailed description of the show, revealing some crucial story and plot points. The series is dubbed ‘Rey Mysterio vs. La Oscuridad’

According to the official description, the animation will tell the story of a wrestling fan Oscar who will get a chance to team up with his idol in Mysterio.

Together, the duo will face supernatural beings and fight against the forces of evil. The show will feature villains from the world of wrestling as well as characters from Mexican traditions.

The main antagonist of the cartoon show is dubbed Uroboros. He is described as an evil fighter who uses dark forces that he doesn’t fully understand.

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