REVIEW: The Crimson Lion #1

WRITER: Jordan Skyba
ILLUSTRATOR: Ryan Pasibe and Myke Guisinga
COLORS: Bryan Arfel Magnaye
EDITOR: Don Hooper
COVER: Dino Agor and Mervin Gadaingan
SUMMARY: Meet the Crimson Lion. The world’s next biggest supervillain. Debuting in 2021. The World will never be the same…….
COMMENTS: This was an interesting comic. I was expecting a story about an anthropomorphic Lion superhero. Instead, I got a villain’s tale in the style of the Pitiful Human-Lizard. We meet Scott, a 34-year-old pizza parlor employee who still lives at home with his Mother.
He has no superpowers, no plans, and no allies, but he still sets out on taking on the cities biggest supervillain and take over the city. The plan is as that simple as that and poorly thought out. The story plays out pretty much as it would if you or I came up with it and tried to execute it.
Readers get to see exactly how Scott tries to find his place in the world. The normalness of Scott is refreshing and fun. This isn’t a big superhero drama, it is a slice of life story set in a superhero universe. Jordan Skyba takes you on a journey where you find yourself rooting for Scott to become the hero of his own story and at every turn, he lets you down, in marvelous ways. The art is by newcomers Ryan Pasibe and Myke Guisinga is well suited to the story, with strong work on the caped heroes but also strong work on the ordinary people to fill the pages. It’s a cute story that you may want to check out when the Kickstarter launches.

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