REVIEW: G-Men United #3

G-Men United #3 is the third installment in the ongoing anthology series from G-Man Comics, featuring a diverse collection of stories from various talented creators. The issue showcases the unique voices and artistic styles that G-Man Comics is known for, offering a blend of action, humor, and suspense.

In Offenberger’s story, “Atomik Bombshell” the girls face a fire-breathing dragon, the girls are all very pretty, and there is some mild humor.
Bennett’s story “Tales of Otherworld” explores the City of Avalorr with the characters from the Taranis comic.
Burrows’ story, “Night Lili” features True Blue and Richard the True Night as they are joined by both Night Lili and Lileilah. It has both supernatural elements and superheroes.
Burrows returns with “Red Halo” As her origin continues the reader sees the Demon Priest & Bishop Whitcomb, both of whom are characters from Burrows’ novel “The Demon Priest“.
Offenberer returns with “Agent Squires” It is an origin story for him too, only this one is told with humor and some bad jokes.

The artwork throughout the issue is equally impressive, with each artist bringing their unique vision to life. Hique’s dynamic linework captures the intensity of Atomik Bombshell’s battles, William’s rendering of Avalorr shows the glory of the home of the Celtic gods, while Juliette’s detailed backgrounds provide a rich setting for the story’s exploration. Ford’s shadowy illustrations evoke the atmosphere of the supernatural, and Holley’s cartoonish style lends a lighthearted touch to Agent Squires.

G-Man Comics, G-Men United #3 is a testament to the creativity and talent that G-Man Comics brings to the independent comic book scene. With its diverse range of stories and captivating artwork, the issue offers something for every taste, making it a must-read for fans of anthologies and the G-Man Comics universe.

Here are some of the things I liked about the book:

  • A variety of stories from different creators
  • Well-written and entertaining stories
  • Stunning artwork from top-notch artists

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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