REVIEW CORNER: The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Annual # 1

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Annual # 1
Writer: Magdalene Vissaggio
Artist: Jon Lam
Colorist: Msassyk
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Cover Date: September 2019
This week, I’ll look at The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Annual # 1 which features Ms. Marvel going up against The Super Skrull as part of Marvel’s “Acts of Evil” event where various heroes face off against villains they never fought before.
His homeworld destroyed, Emperor KI’rt, known as The Super Skrull wants vengeance and that comes with a device that will turn earth into a new Skrull kingdom….all he needs Is the DNA of a shape-shifter. Unfortunately, that’s where Kamala Khan comes into the picture so, after his arrival on earth, KI’rt takes on the disguise of Captain Hero and then upstages Kamala by eliminating crime in Jersey City. KI’rt shows his true colors when he shows up as “Captain Hero” and tries to kill a villain named Shabang so this is the part of the story where Kamala faces off against The Super Skrull.
This annual, for me, was a great throwback to the annuals that came out during the 1980s, and seeing Kamala square off against the Super Skrull makes for an interesting showdown but it makes for a great story; What I really liked about this annual is how we got to see heroism from two sides-On one side, there’s KI’rl’s Captain Hero, playing the role of the hero but only to suit his needs as his lust for revenge drives him, then on the other side we see Kamala, who embodies the true spirit of a hero when it comes to not crossing a line of brutalizing them not wanting to kill them. There’s even a scene where Kamala gives KI’rt some much-needed wisdom when it comes to losing something that was close to you.
“Nothing is Static. Nothing says the same. And the best we can do when we’re faced with something unchangeable is figure out how to move forward. Because the past isn’t coming back”
That’s really deep but it also gives us a clear indication of how Kamala has grown into her role as a hero and how she can overcome any adversity with words instead of her fists, another bright spot about this annual is that I took pleasure in reading. This annual of The Magnificent Ms. Marvel is a story worth having in your collection all while being a brilliant story that touches on the aspects of heroism and personal loss with the respect that may resonate with anyone. Not that I’m being modest or anything, but his annual truly is one for the ages, and that’s a fact.
Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and will see you all next time.

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