ABLAZE Announces September & Halloween 2022 Graphic Novel Releases

THE BOOGYMAN Issue 1 · MSRP: $3.99 · Available September 7th 

Monsters don’t only exist in children’s imaginations…

Passionate about reading, Elliott has always been drawn to the stories of boogeymen, those monstrous creatures which, at night, hide in the shadows or under the bed to frighten little children. He can’t imagine how much they will change his life… Witnessing the bloody murder of his parents, he will discover that boogymen do indeed exist, and very precise codes govern their existence. When one of the most powerful boogymen, “Father-Death,” decides to protect him, Elliott finds himself plunged into a terrible conflict at the heart of a universe as terrifying as it is fascinating. On a dark, stormy night, Elliott’s destiny will be fulfilled…



Available September 14th 

A bold adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadathunlike anything you’ve read before. This new version is written by Florentino Flórez, H.P. Lovecraft and features artwork by Guillermo Sanna & Jacques Salomon.

Randolph Carter, a traveler to dreamland, tries not to wake up before reaching his goal, the elusive Kadath: the home of the gods, a place of fantasy and overflowing imagination. Carter walks through a world full of threats and abominable monsters, but also of palaces, exuberant cities, and geographies that remind man of his insignificant role on the gigantic cosmic chessboard. What are the reasons to keep going when everything around us is terrifying and lethal? Kadath may offer some answers to this question! The debut issue also includes H.P. Lovecraft’s original prose story!

Catch a sweet selection of variant covers for both The Boogyman and Lovecraft: Unknown Kadath , including 2 glow in the dark covers for each title!


MANIX ABRERA’S 14 ·MSRP: $16.99 ·Available September 28th 

“14” tells the story of a human who discovers a mysterious 13th floor of his building and finds himself in the middle of a storytelling session among different mythological creatures of Philippine folklore. Together with a partying crowd of supernatural beings, he listens to stories narrated by creatures such as the Manananggal, Diwata, Tikbalang, Kapre, Tinyanak and even by a White Lady and a Doppelganger. 14 is a grand narrative of weird, yet wonderful tales, humorous albeit dark and spooky, surreal but unarguably true to the emotions of the heart.

Using no words, Manix weaves the stories through careful planning of each scene and sequence. Frame by frame, panel by panel, Manix effectively renders each scene in detail and maximizes the power of images to completely convey the stories and emotions he wants to evoke in his readers. Readers are invited to notice these details, to savor each frame, page by page until the big picture and meaning unfolds, sans traditional word balloons. Truly mind-blowing.

ABLAZE Advance September Solicits for Fall 2022 Release:


ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB, VOL. 1: DEATHWISH Volume 1, by Peter Richardson ·MSRP: $9.99 ·Available October 12th  

The Hit webtoon comes to print! Welcome to DEATHWISH. A graphic and chaotic comic about life, death, suicide, and the other side.

A rebellious high school student is brought back to life in a strange underground facility after committing suicide. Now, she must piece together not only how and why she has been resurrected, but also confront the fragmented memories of her past and the horrors of the laboratory that want to send her back to the afterlife. This breakneck story illustrates a violent vision of life after death.


THE NIGHTCRAWLERS, VOL. 1: THE BOY WHO CRIED, WOLF, by Marco Lopez & Rachel Distler · MSRP: $14.99 ·Available November 9th 

When things go bump in the night, they bump back.

If you think aliens replaced your teachers or your neighbor might be a vampire, then there’s only one group to call for help: The Nightcrawlers.

The Nightcrawlers take on their first case when a friend from school believes werewolves replaced his parents. They get more than they bargained for when their investigation leads them right in the middle of a confrontation between their caretaker William Jones and a former Nightcrawler out for revenge. This story is about the unlikeliest group of friends coming together to help others…with a spooky twist!

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