REVIEW CORNER: The Crusaders # 8

The Crusaders # 8
Writers: Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn
Penciller: Jeff Moore
Inkers: Art Nichols & Steve Mitchell
Letterer: Albert deGuzman
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Cover Date: December 1992
This week, I’ll take a look at The Crusaders # 8 which is the final issue of this series and basically brought down the curtain on the entire Impact Comics line, so let’s look back on this final issue…
The issue begins with the team being called in to hunt down The Comet who’s wanted for murder but all of them are not interested in discussing the matter especially since they’re licking their wounds from their battle with a group known as The Cyberpunks; Meanwhile, a mysterious mastermind is plotting to rid the world of The Crusaders by having a team of technicians mess up the teleportation portal that they use to get home, that’s when the entire team goes missing and yes, this series ends on what may be one of the most ridiculous and horrible cliffhangers in the history of comics.
The moment you read this issue, you can just sense the sadness coming across from the writing as it defintiely is setting up the book’s finale, which is such a shame since the issue weaves several (Yes- SEVERAL) plot threads that are left unanswered and might i add that there’s really nothing noteworthy here to remember about this issue, my feeling is that the Impact line was coming to an end so there was no good reason to deliver a satisfying finale and for that, i blame the powers to be at DC Comics, not Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn because these two can deliver such timeless stories (Read their run on “The Flash”); On Crusaders, it always looks like they were set up to fail and that’s the hurful thing for me because this series could have went all the way to twenty-five issues or even fifty give or take, but this is a case of the readers never knowing what will become of these heroes thanks to DC taking the Impact line, which was the one bright aspect of their publishing line, and destroying it for reasons that just escape me, but all we have is the eight issues we can read over and over again with such amazing glee…..and that’s all we have for now.
The Crusaders are due for a much-needed comeback more than ever due to the constant state of reboots and crossovers that are dominating the comics industry (I see you, DC, and Marvel) so I can breathe easy knowing that there are a group of well-known comic creators working on the comeback and pick up where Impact left off…..but only better.
Well, that’s it for me. Next week I’ll take a look at some more Crusaders comics so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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