CANTO: Tales of the Unnamed World

An exciting all-new 2-issue miniseries from the creators of CANTO!

MAR. 15, 2022, (SEATTLE, WA) — A new quest awaits! Announcing Canto: Tales of the Unnamed World from IDW Publishing, a two-part miniseries entry into the Canto-verse by co-creators David M. Booher (Firefly, Joe Hill’s Rain) and Drew Zucker (The House, Skybreaker). The team is joined by guest artists Liana Kangas (Star Wars Adventures, She Said Destroy), Jorge Corona (Middlewest, Batgirl, The Me You Love in the Dark), and Shawn Daley (Ogre, Samurai Grandpa) to expand the world and adventure of this fan-favorite series between Canto II: The Hollow Men and Canto III: Lionhearted!

After his quest into the City of Giants, the lovable knight Canto, his friends Falco and Rikta, and their Malorex mount are returning to New Arcana. But to get home, they must cross a bridge guarded by a mysterious bard. His price? A story he’s never heard in all the Unnamed World.

“We’ve always had fun going on Canto’s side quests,” said writer David M. Booher. “From Canto & the Clockwork Fairies to Canto & the City of Giants, these mini adventures give us the chance to explore Canto’s world. With Tales of the Unnamed World, we get to see Liana’s, Jorge’s, and Shawn’s incredible interpretations of Canto’s realm alongside Drew’s amazing framing pages. It’s a thrilling combination that I think readers will love as much as I do.”

“We’re so excited to bring Canto: Tales of The Unnamed World to readers,” said artist Drew Zucker. “Throughout Canto’s run David and I have been fortunate enough to have some of the most talented artists do covers for the series, to have some of them play with the actual story is a treat.  We can’t wait to not only share the amazing art, but show everyone these exciting stories from Canto’s world.”

“Canto is a series about the power of storytelling, and Tales of the Unnamed World builds upon that foundation that David and Drew have lovingly constructed,” said IDW editor Jonathan Manning. “Collaborating with Jorge, Liana, and Shawn—some of my favorite working artists—is not just a treat, but a testament to the importance of sharing stories with each other, and how much a tale can evolve when imagined a by myriad of storytellers. Tales captures the very essence of this series.”

Canto: Tales of the Unnamed World #1 is scheduled for release June 2022, followed by the epic conclusion to Canto’s adventure in Canto IV: A Place Like Home, arriving Fall 2022.

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