REVIEW CORNER: Simon N. Kirby: The Agent # 6

Simon N. Kirby: The Agent # 6 (2023)

Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artist: Alan Faria
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
Colorist: Chris Squires


For this review Corner installment, I’ll look at “Simon N. Kirby: The Agent # 6” from the creative minds of G-Man Comics.

This issue starts with FBI interim director Michael Infantino getting killed by Peter Jameson, a rogue agent who quickly gets installed as the new acting director. After an intense meeting with Jameson, The Agent and Sgt. Flag teams up to bust a raid but they both come face-to-face with General Nuisance who captures both men where the G-Men come to the rescue and put the kibosh on Nuisance’s plans.

The best way to describe this issue of The Agent is that it’s basically a non-stop thrill ride due to the exciting bouts of action as well as back-and-forth chemistry between both Sgt. Flag and The Agent which I strongly feel helps in making this story more cohesive due to the simple fact that the two of them work really well as a duo without any egos coming to the surface but it also takes the concept of a buddy cop movie to a whole new level. Rik Offenberger writes from the standpoint of a longtime comic book fan (He did own his own comic book shop which Is cool on so many levels) and that’s just wonderful because he never goes overboard in his plotting but instead crafts his stories with a heavy dose of realism and suspense then injects them with such elation that makes his stories compelling. Alan Faria’s art, however, meshes well with the energy from Offenberger’s script due to his style having a 90s feel to it but his character designs bring with them a nostalgic feel to this issue that truly shows him at his very best.

Fast-paced and well-writing, the latest issue of Simon N. Kirby: The Agent is one of those comics that should be in every comic book shop as well as making it a gateway for fans who loves superheroes with a passion.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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