Lynx # 3 (2023)
“Murder Hornet 2.0”
Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artist: Alan Faria
Colorist: Teo Pinheiro
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
“Dossier: Lynx”
Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artist: Mel Ford
Letterer: Mike W. Belcher
This week I’ll look at Lynx # 3 from G-Man Comics which continues the adventures of Mateo Martinez and his better half, Maya Santiago, who make up the crimefighting duo known as Lynx. Let’s say things get complicated as they meet the latest field agent- Murder Hornet! Yes, a new agent takes on the mantle of a villain and now finds himself working on the side of the law (Much to the chagrin of Lynx); The three of them make short work apprehending a villain who misplaced his ankle bracelet, then the story shifts to Mateo and Mary accepting a job in Mexico- On a Nudist Beach of all places where they come in contact with Aktion and Aktion Girl.

I always love it when Offenberger writes Lynx because the stories are always energetic due to the action sequences. I also enjoy how he fleshes out Mateo and Maya’s relationship, making them a realistic couple that reminds me so much of Hawkeye and Mockingbird to where it’s enjoyable; I should also add that Offenberger’s creativity really lights up any of the G-Man series that he writes in terms of taking the characters out of their element: I mean, the main characters in a nudist colony?! Some people may find that distasteful because they want something to complain about, but it works without relying on the vulgar aspects. Thankfully, the readers don’t get turned off.

Lynx, in my opinion, is without a doubt the heart and soul of G-Man Comics so this issue proves that, especially with Alan Faria always going above and beyond with his artwork, are all good enough reasons why comics like this should be available for anyone who wants to read something that reminds them of their childhood and at the same time, willing to take a chance on having a great time while doing so. Although, I would love to see a Murder Hornet # 1 in the near future……I can see it coming to fruition and being a hit at the same time.

Well, that’s it for me this week, Thanks for sticking around. I will see you all next time.

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