Following an A.I. Protagonist Who Holds More Humanity Than Her Creators, 

the Erotic Thriller and Tale of Ultimate Survival Launches November 1

Cover Art by Jeff Dekal, Variant Cover by Frank Cho

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 16, 2023 – Artificial intelligence and sci-fi crime collide in RED LIGHT, the upcoming erotic thriller from comics publisher, AWA. Led by a powerhouse team of strong female creatives, the original story is created and written by comic book rising star, Sarah Cho, who is known for her swift ascension in both film and TV. With artwork by Priscilla Petraites (CHARIOT), the action-packed story is set in a sci-fi universe where A.I. is deeply woven into the fabric of daily life. The 4-issue series launches on November 1, 2023.

In RED LIGHT, Lacy is an A.I. sex worker in a futuristic Red-Light District. Through her perceptiveness and intelligence, Lacy knows what her clients want better than they know themselves. Housed in a high-tech brothel under the watchful eye of the mysterious Mister, Lacy has little in her manufactured life besides work. That is until she befriends Natalie, an orphaned child, who comes into Lacy’s care. When Lacy and Natalie seek to escape, they find themselves flung headlong into the mystery behind Lacy’s creation.

“I knew I wanted to write something in the erotic thriller space and focus on a protagonist we haven’t really seen before — the most unlikely hero in a sense,” said creator and writer, Sarah Cho. “I’ve always been a writer who explored the interiorities of unexpected protagonists, and I knew the themes of female agency and the importance of empathy were crucial for telling this story right. Working with AWA has been such a good fit for RED LIGHT because they don’t shy away from edgier topics and are all in for unique and creative ideas. Their enthusiasm for originality and for my project has really helped me do my best writing.”

RED LIGHT looks at the intersection of sex and technology in the guise of a futuristic thriller. With A.I. at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Sarah and the creative team explore the age-old question of what makes one human, what a man-made creation can tell us about ourselves, and the divergent paths technology artificial intelligence can put us on. Vibrant visuals and stunning artwork take readers on a journey to a futuristic world in this on-the-run adventure, where Lacy breaks the boundaries of her confined life to learn exactly who she is and what she was made for.

“Sarah is a brilliant writer with a unique and thoroughly fascinating take on the intersection of sex and one of the most front-of-mind topics of the day: A.I.” said AWA’s Chief Creative Officer, Axel Alonso. “With A.I. programs mining today’s internet, our fears are well-founded. What truly motivates creators of A.I.? Will A.I. help or destroy us? Sarah’s story posits the question: What if there were an A.I. that was built on – and guided by – algorithms that were curated from the very best that humanity has to offer? Programmed with built-in empathy, Lacy is more humane than the men who made her, and what she does with her gifts is riveting. With a kick-ass female creative team like Cho and Petraites, I’m eager to see how fans react to this multifaceted series.”

AWA’s RED LIGHT is written and created by writer Sarah Cho with art by Priscilla Petraites. The series is colored by Miroslav Mrva (WEREWOLF BY NIGHT) and lettered by Sal Cipriano (DETECTIVE COMICS), with covers by Jeff Dekal (THANOS) and variant covers by Frank Cho (X-MEN, FIGHT GIRLS). Issue #1 will be available Wednesday, November 1, both digitally and in stores wherever comic books are sold. For more information on the RED LIGHT Kickstarter and other stories, visit AWA Studios on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and

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