REVIEW CORNER: I Luv Halloween Vol. 1

I Luv Halloween Vol. 1
Writer: Keith Giffen
Artist: Benjamin Roman
Letterer: James Dashiell
Colorist: Mike Garcia
First Printing: October 2005

Now that I’m back doing my reviews on indy titles, I thought I would take a look at a title that really captured my interest- I Luv Halloween Vol. 1 from Tokyopop.

We get introduced to Finch, the de facto leader of his group of friends. Along with his younger sister Moochie, Devil Lad (Who only joins the hand during Halloween), the dim-witted Pig Pig, Mr. Kitty, and his younger brother, Spike (Who’s silent for the most part) head out for some trick-or-treating every Halloween, and they totally look forward to it. But it isn’t long before they find themselves in trouble, to say the least when they come face-to-face with Nips the local cheerleader (Not to spoil anything, but you’ll find out why she has that particular nickname) who’s bra gets stolen by Moochie, so Nips and her boyfriend threaten finch and the guys to get it back. Along the way, they get revenge from the kind old day who hands out apples by taking one and stuffing it with razor blades to watching Finch’s sister Mookie extracts the molars from any dead person she comes in contact with. Truly, this is a Halloween story that brings the definition of horror to full effect.

This series balances the horror factor with the comedy portions with ease, plus Giffen’s writing is in full form as the banter between Finch and the guys is straight-up humorous yet still keeping the vulgarity of the story intact. Benjamin Roman’s art has a very distinctive feel to it, displaying dark overtones and just making you say “WOW” with every page. Roman could very well do storyboards for a Tim Burton movie if he wanted to because of the stellar work he brings to this series, and, amazingly, his artwork is in sync with Giffen’s script. Reading this volume, you’ll find certain elements to enjoy as it’s “Superbad” meets “The Nightmare Before Christmas” & “Trailer Park Boys” mixed in with almost anything you would see in a Kevin Smith movie but I also have to point out that this series takes pride in its ability to not only push the envelope in terms of taste, but the concept itself shines and serves as a wonderful example of how Dark Comedy should be done.

Well, that’s it for me. I’ll be back with another review so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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