REVIEW CORNER: Batman & Captain America

Batman & Captain America

Writer/Artist/Letterer: John Byrne
Colorist: Patricia Mulvihill
(Cover Year: 1996)

I always wondered when Marvel and DC were planning to team up these two iconic characters and our prayers were answered thanks to John Byrne. So this crossover takes place mainly in 1943 as Batman and Robin continue their war with The Joker, good ol’ Cap is overseas battling Nazis (Hey, it isn’t a Captain America story without him taking down Nazis) and there were lost of cool moments within this special from Bats meeting Cap for the first time (Bats caught Cap after he jumped out from a plane) to meeting up again, but this time in their civilian identities as both Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers. Plus the pairing of The Joker and The Red Skull may be bizarre to some but thanks to Byrne’s plot, you’ll already know where the partnership is headed. Plus i also thought it was cool to see Cap team up with Robin and Batman and Bucky. And the epilogue was really run to read (Sorry- NO SPOILERS!!) Personally, I thought Byrne’s art really flourished in the pages of the special as his Captain America looks every bit of the hero and his golden-age Batman looks so great it would make Dick Sprang proud.
While the writing was hit or miss in my opinion, i don’t think you should let that stop you from buying this if you’re at any convention or have a late-nigh desire to hit up eBay.

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