REVIEW CORNER: Amazing Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For

“Amazing Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For” (2011)
Writer: Marc Bernadin
Artist: Mike Henderson
Colorist: Jorge Gonzalez
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
This week, I’ll take a look at “Amazing Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For” which is a digital comic that was released back in 2011 during the “Big Time” era of ASM, and it features an appearance by celebrity chef Eli Kirshstein from “Top Chef”; The story kicks off with Peter Parker taking Carlie Cooper (His girlfriend at the time) to a fancy restaurant that sees Eli Kirshstein himself working there (Surprise, Surprise!) but things go from good to bad when Mysterio shows up, looking to rob some of the wealthy customers in the restaurant until Spidey shows up and the fight pretty much comes and goes (Despite Kirshstein helping out)
Even though this story doesn’t have the spunk nor energy that the Spider-Man/Jay Leno story that ran throughout numerous Marvel titles back in 2002 or the Barack Obama story from ASM # 583, I felt this story could have injected some more excitement all while making it more enjoyable for the readers because if truth be told, this story felt more like Marvel throwing Bravo a bone by just using this digital comic as free advertisement for “Top Chef” but then again, seeing who was the celebrity guest star for this story, it really doesn’t surprise me one bit. Mike Henderson’s art makes it bearable as he provides a 1980s vibe which I found to be really wonderful and Marc Bernadin is a solid storyteller but the content of this comic really shortchanged him as I strongly felt like Marvel should have given him more leeway to make this a really great story.
“Amazing Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For” may have been a great entry for Marvel’s digital comic line so, with that, I feel as if this particular story should just stay online and NEVER find its way in a comic or a trade. It’s better that way.
Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will be back with another review next week. See you next time

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