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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Fantasy # 4 (8/10)
Batman # 116
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two # 6
Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers # 1
Fire Power # 17
Frontiersman # 2
Icon & Rocket Season One # 4
Justice League Infinity # 5
Primordial # 2
Radiant Black #9
The Silver Coin # 6
Superman ’78 # 3
Teen Titans Academy # 7

Batman # 116– Batman’s battle with both The Scarecrow and Peacekeeper-01 continues to intensities with “Fear State” reaching its endgame and since the last issue was designed to be more of a calmer installment of “Fear State”, this issue ramps up the action to great effect with the surprised coming fast and hard, especially when it concerns The Scarecrow (**NO SPOILERS**); With Fear State’s conclusion coming in about two weeks, I hope it can be explosive all while bringing in an impactful ending to a wild arc that promises to change everything about Batman.

Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers # 1– Leave it to Marvel to take such an epic event like Doctor Strange’s death and churn out some one-shots just to bring in some more attention, not to mention hurt the readers’ wallets and credit cards, but for the most part, some of these tie-ins turn out to ben enjoyable such as this one as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes deal with an army of Juggernauts and I really like how most of the story focused on Iron Man (Who’s very skeptical of magic) finding a way to defeat the Juggernaut army so it feels like an Iron Man story featuring The Avengers which in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing but the ending basically sucks the life from this issue which is a shame because of the momentum that was shown all throughout this issue but let’s hope the rest of these tie-ins won’t suffer the same fate as this particular issue.

Icon & Rocket Season One # 4– Four issues in and we get an issue full of action and suspense that brings such great memories of Milestone back in the 90s and since Icon & Rocket proves to be a great team due to the amazing chemistry they share together, I feel like big things will happen to this series that will make it the crown jewel of the new Milestone.

Primordial # 2– This issue shows us how Laika got to be in space but at the same time, I like that the weirder elements really help balance the story yet never stray away from the concept so for me, that’s a huge plus. Let’s not forget that the mystery and intrigue of this series is still a great anchor that helps make it more entertaining and will keep us wondering when Laika will ever come back to earth…and that alone might shock us.

The Silver Coin # 6– This great anthology series becomes a monthly with series artist Michael Walsh being joined by a new team of writers to continue carrying this series into greatness. Joshua Williamson comes aboard for this issue as this story goes back to 1993, with the coin coming into the possession of a young teenage boy who’s determined to get the high score on a game called “Horror Fighter 2X” and the ending (**NO SPOILERS**) feels like something that should be in an episode of “Tales From The Crypt”, plus I did enjoy seeing that hilarious Spawn cameo. Meanwhile, this issue wraps up with a backup story from Chris Hampton and Gavin Fullerton entitled “Shiny Thing” as a group of boy scouts come to notice a crow with the coin, it’s basically a recap of the past issues and could have been the main story for a future issue, but it needed to be fleshed out more and given more structure. This story may shock some of the most hardcore video game fans, and I know if my good friend Brandon Villarreal read this issue, it might have him put away his gaming consoles and stay away from any vintage arcade games for a while…….just saying.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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