2000 AD NOV 2020 PROG PACK
(W) Various (A) Various
Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Prog 2206 is the fourth of the 48-page all-ages Regened issues, featuring a stunning line-up of complete stories. Then in Progs 2207-2209, there’s the start of a new Dredd thriller, “Simply Normal,” by Ken Niemand and Steven Austin as the simps take to direct action, Stickleback: New Jerusalem by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli, and Skip Tracer: Hyperballad by James Peaty and Paul Marshall, both barrel to their finales, and Celtic warrior Slaine takes more heads in “The Web of Weird” by Pat Mills and Leonardo Manco!
In Shops: Dec 09, 2020
SRP: $28.60

(W) Alan Hebden (A) Carlos Ezquerra, Eric Bradbury
Meet the deadliest band of fighters on the Eastern Front! During World War II the Eastern Front was hell on Earth. German Punishment Battalions were thrown into the thick of the conflict where they were expected to fight well and die hard. In these harshest of conditions only the strongest warriors survived. Enter the Death Squad – Grandad, Swede, Licker, Gus, and Frankie. Alone they were failures and outcasts, but together they were one of the most formidable combat units the Soviets ever faced!
In Shops: Nov 25, 2020
SRP: $19.99

(W) Ken Reid (A/CA) Ken Reid
Brand-new paperback edition of the sold out humor classic by The Beano master cartoonist Ken Reid! Faceache, the humorous adventures of Ricky Rubberneck, the boy with a “bendable bonce” whose skin stretches like rubber. At will, he could scrunch his face into anything, whether it’s mimicking others or turning into grotesque creatures, but always coming a cropper!
In Shops: Dec 09, 2020
SRP: $15.99

(W) Various (A) Luis Bermejo, Pippa Bowland (CA) Vv Glass
Two classic secret agent stories from the golden age of spy fiction! John Steel is a secret service agent during World War II, but by the Sixties he works as a private detective and haunts jazz cafes. Inevitably he is drawn back into the international world of espionage as he hunts down fugitive Nazi war criminals. Re-presented for a modern audience these never-before-reprinted comics are stunningly drawn by Luis Bermejo with contemporary coloring by Pippa Bowland and a new cover by V. V. Glass.
In Shops: Dec 09, 2020
SRP: $15.99

(W) Various (A) Various
More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! John Wagner and Colin MacNeil’s new America story comes to its finale; Ken Niemand and Dave Taylor reveal secrets at the heart of “Megatropolis”; Judge Death is free and ready to kill again in “Deliverance” by David Hine and Nick Percival; there’s more near-future law enforcement in “Dreadnoughts” by Mike Carroll and John Higgins; and The Returners investigate a haunted house in “Heartswood” by Si Spencer and Nicolo Assirelli! Plus there’s interviews, features and more – and in the bagged mini-trade, there’s the next installment of the 2000 AD encyclopedia!
In Shops: Dec 09, 2020
SRP: $13.00

A dazzling array of standalone stories from the Meg, from the grotesque to the
thrilling to the outright baffling (including a story about the ageless undead Judge
Fear having a rather nice day at the park). This new anthology collects the very best prose stories from the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic! Edited by and with an introduction by Dredd veteran Michael Carroll, Judge Fear’s Big Day Out and Other Stories gathers the very best short stories from more than a decade of the Judge Dredd Megazine, including stories by legends Alan Grant, Gordon Rennie, Simon Spurrier, and others.
In Shops: Nov 11, 2020
SRP: $11.99

(W) George Mann, Chris Lowder, Mark Hodder, Karl Stock (A) Jimmy Broxton, Mike Dorey
Created in 1893, six years after rival Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print, Sexton Blake went on to become a publishing phenomenon, appearing in 4,000 stories told written and drawn by over 200 different writers and artists and now he is Reborn! Presented here for the very first time in its full glory is the last Sexton Blake comic strip, originally published under the title “Victor Drago.” Award-winning writer Mark Hodder introduces Blake to a new audience, and George Mann and Jimmy Broxton bring us the first new comic in decades! Karl Stock interviews the writers and artists.
In Shops: Dec 09, 2020
SRP: $15.99

(W) John Wagner (A/CA) Carlos Ezquerra
The earliest adventures of the cult character back in print, and in color for the first time in decades! There was a time in the 22nd century where man’s lawless spread out amongst the stars across new frontiers. Enter the Search and Destroy Agents – mutants warped from birth by Strontium 90 fallout from the last, great war. Known by the “norms” as “Strontium Dogs,” these men and women enact justice throughout a cruel and unforgiving universe. It’s a hard and dangerous life where only the toughest can survive. Men like Johnny Alpha, a mutant with the ability to emit powerful Alpha-Rays from his eyes!
In Shops: Dec 09, 2020
SRP: $26.99

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2000 AD NOV 2020 PROG PACK SEP201390 (W) Various (A) Various Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Prog 2206 is the fourth of the 48-page all-ages Regened issues, featuring a stunning line-up of complete stories. Then in Progs 2207-2209, there's the start of a new Dredd thriller, 'Simply Normal,' by...