Random Jackpot Slot Machines the Most Popular Progressive Games

You will probably have read plenty of times, how comic book themed slot machines are popular with players, but some licensing authorities have banned them from casino sites they regulate, the logic being they appeal to children and banning them negates youngsters signing up to those websites.

Whilst that may be true, most casinos have robust systems in place that can instantly detected those not old enough to gamble, along with having player verification systems in place to stop youngsters playing their games.

But many casino sites still of course do have all manner of slot games themed around comic book characters and comic book heroes, and some recent stats reveal the ones that do get the most attention and the most play time from slot players are those that boast one or more random jackpots.

If you have never come across slots offering those often life changing jackpots before, there are a wide choice of sites with them on offer, but please do read on for I am confident many of you will find the way those jackpots are awarded, and how any player has a fair chance of winning them of interest, and you may fancy giving some of them a try.

What Are Random Jackpot Slots?

A Random Jackpot slot machine is a game which does not require players to have to line up a series of matching reel symbols on any particular pay line to win a jackpot, instead they are awarded in a random way.

Some of those slots simply flash up a message on their screens to alert a player they have won such a jackpot, and others award some form of bonus game to determine which jackpot a player has won.

One of those bonus games could be a picking game on which players have to match a certain number of jackpot logos to be awarded with the jackpot and another could see players having to spin a bonus game to see which jackpot, if any they have won.

The best aspect of playing such slots from a players point of view, is that there is often no requirement to have to play for a certain minimum stake amount, and as such each player does have a chance of being awarded a progressive jackpot, even those playing for extremely low stake levels.

Best Playing Strategy to Adopt

There are no real strategies that will massively improve your chances of winning a randomly awarded progressive jackpot, however there is one that may be of interest to you that I do know many players make use of.

Some slots not only award progressive jackpots, but they also offer ones that are guaranteed to be paid out to a lucky player before they reach a certain value.

Therefore what I do know a lot of players tend to do is go looking for those types of slot machines, and will only ever set about playing them, when the jackpot is not far off the guaranteed payout value.

They do of course then stand a much greater chance of being awarded such a jackpot, for if it is guaranteed to payout before it reaches a certain amount and it doesnt have to increase by a lot of cash before it reaches that value, then it is about to be won.

The standalone slot machines that offer such guaranteed to hit by jackpots are the best ones to play, rather than networked slots, as by playing the former you are not going to see other players win the jackpot, as a standalone slot is not linked to any others, so that means only players of that slot can win the jackpot or jackpots if there is more than one of them that it offers.

RTP and Progressive Contribution

One other thing to be aware of, is that progressive slot machines tend to offer a rather low base game long term expected pay out percentage, and the reason for that is simple, a certain percentage of players stakes is being used to feed the jackpot pools.

As such you really do need to spend as much time as you possibly can do discovering just what payout percentages any slot machines with random jackpots you may fancy playing have been set to.

If you play a slot machine with a very low payout percentage then you will tend to lose your bankroll much quicker, when compared to slots that have been designed to return players a much higher percentage of their wagers as winning payout.

Online casinos tend to display and make public all of their slot machines payout percentages on their website or sometimes they list that valuable information on the pay table of each game, so please do start to familiarise yourself with those payout percentages as you will be surprised at just how much they can differ from game to game.

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