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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

ANT # 4
Batman # 126
Batman White Knight Presents: Red Hood # 1
Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai # 1 (8/10)
Ghost Rider # 5
Elle(s) # 1
Moon Knight # 14
The New Champion Of Shazam # 1
New Fantastic Four # 3

Batman # 126– In this issue, we get to see Batman finally meet his own Doomsday and he’s called Failsafe; Right away, the battle between them spills out into most of this issue and then involves the Bat Family which really helps boost the story while bringing the intensity to a boil and at the same time, shows how deadly Failsafe truly is. I also have to add that the ending for this main story will shock you (**NO SPOILERS**) but I will say this- fans of Grant Morrison’s run will enjoy the ending with great pleasure; The Catwoman backup feature is a slow burner, to say the least, but the artwork by Belen Ortega is gorgeous to look at. Thanks to Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez, Batman continues to surprise the readers at every turn while re-introducing new elements to the delight of Batman fans everywhere.

Elle(s) # 1– This new series, from ABLAZE publishing, focuses on Elle, a good-natured teenage girl who quickly makes friends at her new school but she’s got one big secret- Elle’s got a mix of different personalities that comes out when she least expects it; This series has definitely established itself as “Moon Knight” but with teenagers and to my surprise – It’s quite entertaining! Kid Toussaint (That’s an awesome name) really brings out the teenage aspects in his script that don’t come across as “Riverdale 2.0” but stands out on its own. The artwork, provided by Aveline Stokart, enhances the story with such quirkiness that you can’t help but be blown away by it. Elle(s), originally published in France by Le Lombard (Not to mention digitally by Europe Comics) looks to find an audience here in the U.S. with a premise that takes humor and High School troupes and mixes them together makes it more likable than anything on the CW.

Ghost Rider # 5 -Johnny Blaze gets drawn into a motorcycle rally that quickly leads him into an old-fashioned race that feels like a demonic version of “Cannonball Run” (Yes! I’m old, so I know no one will remember this movie) with a soundtrack that features Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, and DMX just to name a few; This is a fun issue of GR that continues to raise the bar when it comes to the horror angle but I also know that my good friend, Mr. Bill Tuell, will definitely get a huge kick out of this issue, particularly the surprise villain that shows up at the end (**NO SPOILERS**); Benjamin Percy, Cory Smith and the rest of the creative team continues their hot streak of putting out an enjoyable GR run that is just one of the best Marvel books out there in showcasing horror to just tremendous effect.

The New Champion Of Shazam # 1– With Billy Batson gone and no one to take on the mantle of Shazam, the spotlight falls on Mary Bromfield (aka Mary Marvel) who’s doing her best to find her place in the world as she prepares to start her freshman year of college while meeting new people, but she’s suddenly been chosen as the new champion of Shazam. I know this premise has been done before ( I see you, Trials of Shazam) but Josie Campbell’s script does an extraordinary job of fleshing out Mary as a hero that has greatness thrust upon her but it feels like she’s stepped out of Billy Batson’s shadow so that, in turn, really made me or anyone get invested in the story. Evan “Doc” Shaner’s artwork is just amazing and if this series gets bumped up to an ongoing, he should be the regular artist. Mary Bromfield as the new Shazam brings a new chapter to the character’s legacy while seeing the joy of watching Mary forge her own part in greatness.

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