Rad vs. The Strong Hand

Rad KNEW she was taking a gamble when she agreed to go undercover to infiltrate the mysterious subversive paramilitary group known as “The Strong Hand”, but now the situation seems to be spiraling out of control as the group’s shadowy leadership expects her to lead an assault on Jungle Island- but exactly WHO is setting up WHO in this messy operation? Meanwhile, SHE-CAT learns that a crackpot working to tunnel into a locked bank vault ISN’T a criminal in “The Boom Room”, and STARDUST once again encounters the alien AI known as Initia (last seen in Femforce #177) in “The Initia State”, both scripted by fan-favorite Andrew Hawnt. The ongoing “retro” series out of AC’s past continues as NIGHTVEIL and the SENTINELS of JUSTICE try to deal with the enigmatic Negeema in a previously untold story out of the 1980’s scripted by Bossman Bill Black; Lauren Mason’s celebrity gig as a beauty contest judge leads YANKEE GIRL to reluctantly go into action in “Make A Splash”, written by Mark Holmes, and the LAST FF member you’d ever expect “hulks out” to become monstrously savage in a surprising story originally plotted by Andrew Hawnt. All of these stories (and possibly more) await you in the August 2019 issue of Femforce, featuring art by AC regulars Javier Lugo, Dan Gorman, Dave Matsuoka, Francesco Savi, Johannes Vick, and Jeff Austin’ That’s Femforce #187; 80 pages of great black and white action and adventure inside of full-color covers, coming in August 2019- $9.95 from AC Comics!!

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