PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press
WRITER: Bill Williams
ILLUSTRATOR: Matthew Weldon & Brian Denham
COLORS: Neeraj Menon & Tiago Barsa
LETTERS: Thom Zahler & Bill Williams
EDITOR: Megan Sloane
COVER: Matthew Weldon
PRICE: $19.99
WEBSITE: Antarctic-Press.com
SUMMARY: Collects: Punchline #1-5
After decades of wearing a cape and protecting the city of Seaholm, Mel is forced to retire and train her replacement. The new cape in town is Jessie, a teenager who is different from Mel in almost every way. Together, they chase the other super-types from Mel’s past, leading to a brutal confrontation with the monster called Sawtooth.
The first collected volume of the new hit series from Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon!
COMMENTS: Jessie McGrath accidentally runs into Melanie Daniels a superhero hero bleeding to death from her wounds at the hands of Mister January. Shazam-style Mel transfers her powers to a worthy teen, Jessie, who becomes Versema, the hero of Seaholm. Mel survives and takes on the role of both mentor and sidekick. You don’t get the feeling that Mel is 100% one of the good guys and you never get a handle on who Mel works for. Jessie has her own personal tragedies to fight through and strained home life. But this isn’t a story of revenge, despite the fact that Mel wishes it was. It’s not fully real world grounded but it does have a more realistic grounding than most comics. It is never made clear why the comic is titles Punchline instead of Versema. It’s a fun story that explores who being a hero means. The art is amazing and the story compelling well worth the price of admission.

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