Best Review Ever! PUNCHLINE #5

PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press
WRITER: Bill Williams
ILLUSTRATOR: Matthew Weldon
COLORS: Tiago Barsa
LETTERS: Bill Williams
EDITOR: Megan Sloane
COVER: Matthew Weldon
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Jessie has to fight to the finish with the monster called Sawtooth. Plus, a terrible truth about Mel threatens to break up this terrific team as the “Blood Sisters” adventure comes to a close!
COMMENTS: We finally get our first supervillain battle. I know there was Mister January but that was hardly a fight. This is an all-out battle with Sawtooth. Jessie finally gets tires of Mel taking cash from crime scenes and puts her foot down. Which leaves Jessie literally holding the bag and talking to the police. That proves to be too much for Jessie. Meanwhile, her Mother notices she is missing (to be a superhero). As always the art is strong and the story compelling. This was the best story to date, as it fills in a lot of questions about why Jessie’s parents didn’t know she was missing when she was off playing hero, why Jessie tolerated Mel’s actions etc.

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