(Lake Balboa, CA: Nov 18) Following last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign and the releases of Mathemagical Parts 1 and 2, Powers Squared is set to begin a new story arc with the comic book’s tenth issue, What’s in a Name? Part 1.

Powers Squared tells the story of Marty and Eli Powers, college-aged twin brothers who discover they were granted superpowers when they were younger.

In this explosive new issue, things get dangerous for Marty and Eli as they struggle for their lives against a new villain, the Convincer. Meanwhile, after an interview, the school’s newspaper editor, Quincy Victoria Davidson, develops a love interest in Marty. “As an independent creator, you hope every issue gets better and we think What’s in a Name? is the best story that we’ve told so far,” said David Hankins, one of the co-creators of the book, along with his twin sons, Paul and Trevor.

What’s in a Name? marks the fifth issue drawn by Rachel Wells and colored by Nina Gaillard, both graduates of The Savannah College of Art and Design. “We think their talents really shine through here,” says Paul, who handles the writing with his father and serves as the editor.

The issue also marks the first time that the comic will have an alternate cover. “We wanted to commemorate this unusual moment in time,” says Trevor, “so we created what we call the COVID Cover, which shows Marty and Eli wearing masks.” This alternate cover will be available exclusively for print editions of the book.

In addition to the alternate cover, there are also new t-shirts that accompany the issue, each emblazoned with #TeamMarty or #TeamEli. “Once you read the issue,” says Paul, “you’ll want one.” These issues, as well as previous issues and merch, can be found at https://powerssquaredcomicbook.com/the-campus-store. David adds, “We’ve updated our website to emphasize the college aspect of the book.” In addition to the new Campus Store, readers are invited to “enroll” at San Romero Community College, the fictional locale for the story. “Classes are always Free,” says Paul.

The rest of the What’s in a Name? story arc will be released in 2021.

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