C.E.O. Bradley Golden is pleased to announce that Secondsight Publishing comics will now be  partners with global distribution network, Diamond Comic Distributors.

Secondsight Publishing: the proud home for the future of Indie comics with bullpen of top talent. Second Sight Publishing Home of Horror, Heroes, Sci-Fi and more.

Second Sight strives to bring you our fans and readers new & exciting content that our industry has to offer. Though Second Sight has established itself as a successful Horror Comic Publisher as we have Mississippi Zombie., Harvest of Horrors in association with Caliber Comics  we felt it was necessary to open our vision and expand into Science Fiction/Fantasy as well as Superheroes.

Secondsight titles available soon are: Lady Freedom,  Book of Lyaxia, C.H.E.S.S., Pinpoint, Blowtorch, The Edge, Xymphonic Versus, The Duplicant, Harvest of Horror, Mississippi Zombie, Freakshow Knight, Divine Retribution and so much more…




Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. (often called Diamond ComicsDCD, or casually Diamond) is an American comic book distributor serving retailers in North America and worldwide. They transport comic books and graphic novels from both big and small comic book publishers, or suppliers, to retailers, as well as other popular culture products such as toys, games, and apparel. Diamond distributes to the direct market in the United States, and has an exclusive distribution arrangements with most major U.S. comic book publishers.






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