James vs The New World Order Issue 4

“Life is unfair, but what are you gonna do about it? If you’re James Contrell, a big-hearted country boy with a crappy job who’s living in a quiet town named Charity, you’re already aware of your own inadequacies. Very aware of them—your girlfriend just left you for an architect. Not just an architect, but a smug architect, who can offer a girl all the things a country boy can’t.

James just has to face it; he’s a local boy who’s not going anywhere. Which is one of the reasons he’s lost at love; his girlfriend wanted to get out of Charity, and James realizes that he has a powerful connection to his sleepy little mountain hometown. James has to accept reality; he’s an ordinary guy in an ordinary place, not meant to do much but live an ordinary life.



But sometimes, it’s the guy who has learned to live without dreams who is best suited to handle a nightmare. That’s what happens one morning when he wakes up to discover that the town of Charity has been invaded by a bizarre occult army that calls itself “The Trust.” No problem now in searching for the meaning of life; James recognizes what he has to do, and that’s save Charity. He vows to help the local police department come to the town’s defense, arms up and leads the revolt against the invaders. “The Trust” is a cultish secret society that’s been taking over small towns like Charity. Step by step, small town by small town, “The Trust” has an agenda of its own that doesn’t bode well for anything—or anyone—that stands in its way.”

I came up with the idea as a movie script back in 2006, but at the time I lacked the work ethic and motivation to turn it into a reality. Then sometime later I rediscovered my passion for comic books after picking up the first volume of Preacher and decided that comics would be a perfect creative medium for the project.

So I started to write, and fortunately I had so much material memorized that I was able to hammer out 24 issue scripts in about six months

The story is unique and original in my opinion, though it does have some strong satirical elements and is loosely inspired by films like Evil Dead, Red Dawn, Mad Max and First Blood. There are  also some added acid western and psychedelic horror tones for some extra flavor!


“Can vouch for Brandon, this series is worth anything you can throw at it. I literally read the first 3 issues in 40 minutes. And that’s also having re-skimmed thru them again after finishing. And every one of those tiers are all good and well priced. The characters are very Bill & Ted meets Contra, in a world that’s very Big Trouble in Little China meets They Live.”-



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