Placing Bets On LoL

LoL represents a multiple player online arena created and published by the famous Riot Games and inspired by a specific mod from Warcraft III. It’s a freemium game financially supported by microtransactions (various in-game acquisitions), in which two teams control heroes with special abilities, whose collective aim is to destroy the opponent’s nexus (the key building in the opponent’s base). While players start relatively weak, they can significantly increase their level (power) by finding items and gaining experience during the game.


Overview Of LoL

The year of release was 2009 – since then, the game has known a rapid growth. LoL has gained the record in 2012 in terms of the number of hours played by gamers in the European and North American region but also other records (e.g. number 1 during most watched hours, etc.). Statistics for January 2014 showed that the game is actively played by about 67 million users each month, while estimations from 2016 raised this number to 100 million unique players each month.


Betting On LoL

Of course, such popularity has also made the game extend its commercial dimensions to also include apparel, toys, accessories. Naturally, it is also possible to do League of Legends betting on or on other sites. In the first case, you’ll find the betting odds conveniently aggregated from a number of platforms in order to allow you to make the corresponding betting decisions. Active betting platforms (bookmakers) include:

  • 1XBet;
  • LootBet;
  • ArcaneBet;
  • Buff88;
  • com.


Depending on the betting odds or other factors, you’ll select a bookmaker and proceed by making an account, filling the balance, and placing the bet on it. These platforms allow placing bets either before or during the matches (pre-match or live odds should be consulted correspondingly). Each of these bookmakers comes with its own betting odds (estimated by their own experts), its own interface, unique features, bonuses, welcome gifts, etc. Thus the decision which platform to choose might not be based solely on the odds offered.


Important Competitions

            Contests are mostly held in the European North American region. Among the most famous ones are The LCS organized both in Los Angeles and Berlin by Riot Games. Nevertheless, other regions like South Korea (LCK), China (LPL), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau are also very active. The most famous contest, however, is the annual World Championship, with about 60 million unique viewers and a prize pool reaching 4 million US dollars.


Although betting is not as intensive as in more popular games like CS: GO (the comparison might not be fair since this is a shooter), one would still find a few competitions each season. Consequently, there are enough betting opportunities to try your luck on. If you are actively watching the game and know a lot about various teams and their strategies, you might have a serious edge in predicting game outcomes, which can ultimately help you earn some money.


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