Paul Kupperberg on a Career Writing Comic Books

Insider Insight on a Career in Writing Comics

Paul Kupperberg is one of the most respected and prolific comics writers of bronze age and modern comic books. As the author of more than 1,400 professional comic book stories, he knows the craft and business of creating comics. He’s the man who drove Vigilante to suicide and killed Archie in cold blood—and he’s promised that he would do it again!

Make Paul Kupperberg’s latest book a reality—and gain immeasurable insights from a 45-year veteran editor and writer of 1,400 stories for DC, Archie, Charlton and more!

I Never Write for the Money… But I Always Turn in the Manuscript for a Check is part writers’ guide, part memoir, part comedy, and all gripping.

Paul Kupperberg teams up with Comics Career—the original magazine for aspiring comics creators—for this new book. Comics Career editor Kirk Chritton has dedicated three decades to providing practical advice to help creators go pro in the comics business.

This new book is the second volume of The Comics Career Library, a series of books specifically crafted for comics creators. It joins Tales From the Titans, the very best of Comics Career interviews, which is also available in many of the reward packages. Tales From the Titans includes amazing career insights from top creators and editors including Dave McKean (Sandman), Derf Backderf (My Friend Dahmer), Kerry Callen (MAD Magazine),  Dick Giordano (Batman, DC Comics Executive Editor), Tom DeFalco (Spider-Man, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief) and best-selling crime novelist Alex Grecian

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