Best Review Ever! CAPTAIN CANUCK #19 (S4E3)

PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse Publishing
WRITER: Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen
ILLUSTRATOR: Patrick Macchi
COLORS: Diego Albuquerque
LETTERS: Andrews Thomas
EDITOR: Allison O’Tool & Keith Wts Morris
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Josh Rose & Tony White
COVER: John Gallagher
PRICE: $4.99
SUMMARY: “THE CHOSEN” With the Borealis well on their way to full, planetary domination, Canuck’s small resistance loses a member as Northguard takes off to defend Montreal. Michael and Redcoat managed to access the facility under the University of Toronto where the Empyrean Generator is kept. The device capable of destroying the Borealis fleet and all of Toronto in one, solitary blast. Northguard reaches Montreal only to watch as a Borealis ship targets Mont Royal, awakening the extinct volcano and destroying several square kilometers of the city, killing thousands who lived there.
Across the planet, invasion forces march on populated towns and cities, finding little resistance. Borealis soldiers on the South Pacific island of Guam find their luck has run out when Freelance, who we thought lost forever, returns to decimate their local forces.
Ready to rejoin the fight, will Freelance be able to help Captain Canuck and his small band of heroes take the battle back to the Borealis, or will the war be won and millions lost when Michael sets off the largest explosion the world has ever seen…
COMMENTS: Captain Battle joins the fight, fans may remember him from the FCBD comic. Crime Buster also shows up for a cameo. The interesting thing about Captain Battle and Crime Buster is that they haven’t been part of the Chapterverse prior to the Invasion but like Freelance, they have a long Golden Age pedigree. Aurora Dawn has been a long-running subplot throughout the Chapterverse, in this issue, they finally get what the want, Borealis Salvation, sometimes you don’t know what is best for you. It’s nice to see some themes coming to an end and other beginning. There are lots of fun cameos and Michael Evans really comes into his own as the potential savior of the human race, if Tom is willing to let him pay a terrible price for humanity’s salvation. Who is right Michael or Tom? It’s hard to tell because this tale is continued into the next issue. If you ever liked anything about the Chapterhouse Universe or Golden Age Gleason Heroes, this is the comic for you!

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