Overwatch 2020 Anniversary Event Now Underway

This week marks the fourth year of Blizzard Entertainment’s hero shooter Overwatch, which brings with it their yearly anniversary event. It is also most likey the last anniversary event before the release of the shooter’s sequel Overwatch 2, due out later this year.

With the anniversary event comes new skins, dances, emotes, sprays, and icons for the heroes. All previous items that were exclusive to specific events will be available as well. Also, all brawl events during the year are unlocked to play. Different brawl events will be playable each week.

As with previous events, there will be 3 new weekly challenges. These will involved Sigma, Widowmaker, and McCree. Players will have a chance to unlock a new spray, icon, and skin for the three heroes. A new item is won after winning 3, 6, and 9 games with the new skin being the last to be won.

The Overwatch 2020 Anniversary Event runs May 19-June 9. Check out more below:


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