Out of the box is in print!

The comics anthology “Out of the box” went to press and is ready to pre-order!

A kickstarter project 250% funded about a year ago, Out of the box is a comic anthology with five completely different stories, linked together by the themes and a sort of shared narrative universe.

There are nine authors involved. The artists are Zeno Colangelo, Giulia D’Urso, Eleonora Dea Nanni, Elisa Di Virgilio e Marta Zaccarini, with contributions by Jenna “Jenncomics” Noble, Davide “DAW” Berardi, Erika “EKRA” De Giglio and Massimiliano Favazza.

The cover is by Sara Marino.

The writers are Brian Freschi, Giacomo Masi, Matteo Parisi and Francis Green.

The foreword is signed by Mike Carey.

The book is in print by now, soon to become a paperback of 144 color pages, with soft touch cover and 3D varnish.

Pre-orders will close on 30th June! You can reserve a digital copy, a physical one, as well as all the merchandise “unlocked” thanks to the

Kickstarter campaign, that is exclusive bookmarks, postcards and a poster. Also available the latest slots to commission a drawing to one of the artists.

At the close of the pre-orders Out of the box will probably not be available before the next campaign, since it’s not distributed out of Italy, so we recommend that you get it while you can.

This is the address to follow: https://outoftheboxcomics.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

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