Nountown and personified tokens: NFTs are nothing new in the comic book industry

For some, Web3 can be a newfangled notion that’s yet to be thoroughly understood, too complex to draw their interest, or simply an idea they hope to get familiar with as they go. However, Web3 is as ubiquitous as it can be; it is built around technologies that are widely spread everywhere, such as blockchain, metaverse, altcoins, stablecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Bitcoin, and so on. To better understand the heightened extent to which web3 captures the world, it’s enough to acknowledge how many aspiring or seasoned investors and entrepreneurs look to learn or already know how to buy Bitcoin safely on global platforms, keeping tabs on the fluctuations of crypto prices to remain in the know.

So, once the ultra-modern concept of Web3 is unearthed, its ties with the comics industry should become easily and fairly obvious. The entire NFT hype, which many think has ceased already, keeps living on, and creations like the Nouns are only a minor factor contributing to their continuous presence among us. NFTs have inevitably broken into the comics book industry, and as collectibles witness explosive popularity and, as an effect, rising valuations, it only stands to logic that the two worlds would make the ideal match.

Let’s explore the junction of non-fungible tokens and comics and dive deeper into it by looking into the popular comics project of David Leach.

The intersection of comics and NFTs

To better understand how comic book writers made their first forays into the non-fungible token sector and the underlying blockchain, it’s helpful to gain some insights into these two innovations. Since 2017, when non-fungible tokens broke into the market, they’ve quickly risen to be the second-largest widespread use of blockchain technology besides cryptocurrencies and experienced tremendous fame during the upcoming years. They had some NFT developers, and investors gained fabulous money. Since comics creators keep in step with tech advances to craft creations that appeal to new and emerging categories of readers, it was only a matter of time until projects like Nountown saw the light of day. The entire potential of web3 for arts goes well beyond the trivial, well-known static images, as Nouns: Nountown by innovatory comic writer David Leach has proven and as you can ulteriorly find out.  

NounsDAO, the unique project giving life to tokens

NounsDAO is a one-of-a-kind, thrilling mini-series projected by artist Danny Schiltz and the comic writer aforementioned, featuring a story that projects tokens in the Nouns ecosystem as main characters. The book’s illustrations, developed by the former artist, enjoy the profound skill and know-how of the expert who has previously worked with bigwig companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Honda, and Nike.

Titan Comics, famous for The Simpsons, Blade Runner, and other iconic comics, is behind the Nouns: Nountown. As many individuals have concluded, not everyone coming across the groundbreaking book will get the storyline entirely or understand NFTs and their involvement. Plus, not everyone engaging with the physical book will know what NFTs have to do with the plot and storyline.

Yet, as comics are known to approach unconventional themes that spark interest in readers who lack any kind of ties with the topic in question, such endeavors are only prone to instill some new knowledge into newbies to blockchain, non-fungible tokens, web3, and everything in between.

As collectibles are skyrocketing, NounsDAO is giving rare comics new meaning – and use cases  

Nouns Comic, powered by ComicsDAO, is what happens when comics fuse with non-fungible tokens’ technology. The offerings can be experienced for free. Though to be allowed access to read the content, the official website will guide you to linking your wallet. For more info and experiences within the Nouns world, you can join their enthusiast and loyal communities built on social media platforms such as Telegram or Twitter.

According to their website, the plan behind the rounds of financing raised is to get as many rare comics as possible. A primary goal is to boost the value of the comics, as they accumulate rare assets, storing each comic in a safe facility providing insurance.

The DAO employs avant-garde scanning technology to securely digitize the comics and further convert them into a non-fungible token in the ComicsDAO library. Therefore, DAO accounts become able to take advantage of the rarest comics worldwide while keeping their original, beloved ones intact where they’re physically stored.

As you can or will get to see, the NounsDAO world is relatively easy to navigate and grasp, and the intuitive UX will help you learn the essentials in a relatively short time, should you want to dive deeper into this project.

Blockchain and NFTs to keep being explored by comics writers and artists

Several noteworthy book NFT projects caught on as the book sector welcomed some intriguing ventures and partnerships. For instance, famous publishers have engaged with NFTs to create and launch digital collectible editions of famous and widespread series, thus enabling fans to acquire exceptional versions of their favorite publishing.

Writers and artists are also exploring the NFT ecosystem, building one-of-a-kind digital art masterpieces pepped up by their comic writings. Furthermore, groundbreaking marketplaces and platforms have sprung up, laying the groundwork for places where comics buffs can purchase, exchange, cash in on, and trade non-fungible tokens, building an explosive and enthusiastic community of creators and collectors.

The junction of comics and NHFTs has turned out to be a booming and prosperous playground for industry professionals and fans alike, breaking the limitations of imagination and ownership and pushing the space toward continuous evolvement.

As you can see, the future for comics has never been more promising or dynamic.

Calling every artist and creator!

Artists, writers, content creators, and more skilled connoisseurs in the area can imagine how they’ll unleash their creativity to make the most out of the emerging trend: comics and non-fungible tokens under a groundbreaking project. Don your cape and take off to discover all the opportunities and possibilities waiting for the future-oriented and innovatory mind to profit from them.

It can be as easy and exciting as developing a fantastic digital comics cover, translating it into NFT, and then marketing it to collectors. Every digital piece of art sold will grant profits and possibly build a new income stream you can explore in endless ways.


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