NIGHTMARE THEATER – A Cinematic Horror Comic Anthology preview

Bloodline Comics launches with a monster-sized horror comic anthology called Nightmare Theater. Coming to Kickstarter October 20th, 2020.
Clay Adams of Fried Comics (Red X-Mas, Deadskins, PBOW) and David Schrader (Baby Badass, Henchman) curate original horror stories from a veritable who’s who of indie comics– just in time for Halloween.

(Los Angeles, CA) – October 20, 2020 – Bloodline Comics, the first collaboration between Fried Comics co-founder Clay Adams and Baby Badass co-creator and writer David Schrader, is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a scary big, 225+ page book starring demons, Lovecraftian monsters, psycho killers and more. In the works for over a year, Nightmare Theater is the culmination of efforts to bring together a large roster of talented and eclectic creators.

“Whatever else is happening in the world, people like to be scared,” said Clay Adams. “This project is for the horror fan who loves both comics and movies. Our theme is ‘Cinematic Horror’, which draws inspiration from the diverse sub-genres of scary movies– including ghost stories, slasher films, or psychological terror.”

The anthology is presented as a horror film festival, an evening in a haunted theater hosted by three terrifying tropes; Shelley Poe Stoker, The Welder, and Eerie Erin.

Over thirty-five incredible comic teams bring you frightful tales steeped in all manner of morbid mayhem. Some of the creators include David Pepose (Spencer & Locke, The O.Z.), Shawn Gabborin (Puppet Master, Let’s All Die!) Charlie Stickney (White Ash), Christie Shinn (Demon Bitch), Dave Dwonch (Prom of the Dead), Newton Lilavois (Crescent City Monsters), Richard Fairgray (Black Sand Beach, Blastosaurus), David Avallone (Drawing Blood, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark), Russell Nohelty (Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter), Jessica Maison (Plastic Girl), Terry Mayo (The Wicked Righteous), Don Nguyen (Pablo the Gorilla), Karla Nappi (Duplicant), James Powell (House of Fear), Kayden Phoenix (Jalisco), Peter Murrieta (Mr. Iglesias, Henchman), Tony Fabro (Three Panel Crimes), M.L. Miller (Gravetrancers), Sebastian Kadlecik (Quince), Steven Prince (Monster Matador), and artists like Silvia Califano, Gian Carlo Bernal, Mick Beyers, Kyle Roberts, Tony Donley, Leeahd Goldberg, Fabio Alves, Orlando “Mexifunk” Arocena, and Sorah Suhng.

The Kickstarter campaign launches October 20th and runs for thirty days. Some of the reward tiers featured will include…
• Digital Book Bundles and Original Art pages
• Main Nightmare Theater cover by Kyle Roberts starring horror film festival “hosts” and terrifying tropes Shelley Poe Stoker, The Welder, and Eerie Erin
• Exclusive hardcover and vintage movie poster print by Clio Award-winning vector artist Orlando “Mexifunk” Arocena
• “Unholy Trinity” Goldberg Variant and one-of-a-kind oil painting by artist Leeahd Goldberg
• “Box Office Death” Variant cover by superstar artist Sorah Sungh

Check out the Kickstarter campaign link.

Main Cover Kyle Roberts
Vintage Movie Poster Variant Orlando “Mexifunk” Arocena
Box Office Death Variant Sorah Suhng

Die, Die, Danger Ronin! – David Pepose, Art by Erica D’Urso

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – James Powell, Art by Jethro Morales

Knightmare – Adams/Schrader, Art by Ismael Canales
Crescent City Monsters “JoJo” – Newton Lilavois, Art by Gian Carlo Bernal
VW by Dave Dwonch, Art by George Quadros
Kernels All The Way Down – Richard Fairgray
Trio of Terror (Nightmare Theater Intro) – Adams/Schrader, Art by Kyle Roberts

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