New Graphic Novel Series – Below Sycamore

Below Sycamore follows two best friends JD and Chucho as they battle their own demons and navigate through the dark world of drugs, addiction and crime on the streets of Los Angeles. Medina was moved to write about the parasitic nature of addiction and pulled from his own experiences and the experiences of many others that battle with addiction.

Medina has been in recovery since 2016 and is dedicated to using his art as a vehicle to reach out and be of service to others. So much so, he is donating all proceeds generated from the “Below Sycamore” graphic novel series to form the Beyond Sycamore Detox Center in Los Angeles, which will offer free services to the unhoused and will provide 12-step recovery and ways to help others connect to their higher power.

  • The story originally began as a play that opened at the Shelton Theater in San Francisco to sold-out crowds in 2019. The play’s successful six-week run inspired Medina to expand on the Below Sycamore universe and develop an episodic series for film or television.

  • As discussions for optioning the project for distribution were developing, COVID hit and the production landscape became uncertain, so Medina, with the help of entertainment industry lawyer Brandon Dorsky, Esq., pivoted to creating a graphic novel series to continue reaching audiences.

  • After recruiting comic book illustrator Fernando Kern to design the “Below Sycamore” environment, the buzz surrounding the graphic novel received the attention and interest of former addict and esteemed actor Danny Trejo and cultural icon and artist Taz Arnold who are among the various notable talents lending their name and image to the entire project and also star as prominent characters.

  • The debut issue, premiered at ComplexCon and officially released on November 15, 2021 also includes Robert “Mr. Criminal” Delance as the character Grumpy, Evan “Everyman” Shafran, and graffiti art from celebrated street artists Hex, L.A. Jae and Gus Cuddy of the legendary CBS Crew.

  • The second issue, featuring Taz Arnold on the cover, will premiere April 2nd.

  • Medina, a former international touring musician, also has written and recorded music for the project with Emmy-nominated “American Idol” sound mixer Kamal Humphrey, bassists Isaac Wriston (H.E.R.) and David Wilder (Norah Jones, Ziggy Marley, De La Soul), Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Jake Najor (drummer – Redman, Empire Of the Sun) and record producer L.A. Jae (Tony!Toni! Tone!), amongst other musicians.

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