Dateline: Phoenix, AZ, March 2022 — Last year, four comic book enthusiasts, united through their love for comic books and poignant storytelling, purchased Gold Key Comics. The resulting venture, Gold Key Entertainment LLC, enables the iconic Gold Key Comics brand to walk the earth once again.

“We are dedicated to the art of the story and the beauty that is Gold Key comics. We respect the rich history of the medium and are committed to being good stewards of this iconic brand. We have undertaken this project so that future generations can immerse themselves in rich and captivating stories set within nostalgic painted covers like we remember. The medium of comic books provides limitless potential for visual storytelling. We intend to continue the great storytelling tradition. In addition to our projects in development, we want to hear from creators out there. We know you have innovative and original stories that demand to be told. We want to partner with you to tell those stories. Go to to submit your work for our consideration.”
Lance Linderman | @postwar_comics

Once a touring musician, Lance now travels the country in search of comics! He is an entrepreneur and family man, Lance is known for his deep love of music, art, coffee, and comic books.
Adam Brooks | @the_clueless_collector

Adam’s love for comics (and their creators in particular) is nothing less than infectious. As an author, creator, and renowned public speaker, Adam is just as likely to be found speaking in an auditorium full of people as he is rifling through bins at his local comic shop.
Michael “Mike” Dynes | @mikes_rack

Mike has been engaged in the world of comics longer than many collectors have been alive. He has presented panels at large comic conventions on comic book history, specifically focusing on pre-code horror comics and the influence of the Comic Code.
Arnold Guerrero | @ghostcactus_comics

From a young age, Arnold dreamed of illustrating comic books. While this dream has not yet manifested, his love for comics never withered. As an advertising creative, Arnold has spearheaded campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies.

These brash, industrious, aesthetes have joined forces to continue the tradition of a medium that desperately needs to integrate the free spirits of its roots with its modern surroundings. Gold Key Comics will produce works that meld a vintage style with innovative, relevant, and engaging stories. Gold Key is currently accepting submissions from interior artists, cover artists, and writers. Follow Gold Key Entertainment at and place your faith in the resurrection.

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