New Graphic Novel is a Sergio Leone Western & H.P. Lovecraft Horror Mash-Up

Award winning writer Mike Baron has teamed with acclaimed illustrator Pat Broderick for a supernatural Western called “Bronze Star.” The pair have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their H.P. Lovecraft meets Sergio Leone style graphic novel at featuring the art, which Pat calls the best work of his career. BIG Studios Comics, the same studio which launched Baron’s FLORIDA MAN, THIN BLUE LINE, and most recently PRIVATE AMERICAN, is also managing BRONZE STAR.

Confederate veteran Harley Brogden runs for his life after a poker game turns deadly. The card sharp Harley killed was the son of a rich landowner who will stop at nothing to bring Harley to justice. He flees to Cobb’s Gap, an old silver mining town at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. Cobb’s Gap is remarkably peaceful, especially after dark, but the sheriff harbors a secret, and no one goes to the mine anymore. Cobb’s Gap is full of secrets. People speak in hushed tones of something in the mine, something worse than their cursed sheriff, something even the Indians fear. When the landowner’s posse arrives seeking revenge, the stage is set for a showdown with unimaginable horrors from the deepest pits of hell. Now every secret will be exposed.

BRONZE STAR is an old-school, violent, and gritty “weird western” elevated to a terrifying love story through the deft writing of two-time Eisner-winner Mike Baron, best known for his runs on the Punisher and Deadman. But what really makes this tale come to life is the artistry of longtime comics pro Pat Broderick, best known for his work on Detective Comics, Legion of Superheroes, and Micronauts. To showcase Pat’s astonishing detail, the creative team is also offering an exclusive oversized black and white hardcover edition of BRONZE STAR, which is only available through Kickstarter and signed by the creators.

“One of the great joys of independently publishing comics is we can tell whatever stories we want,” says BIG Studios Publisher, Chris Braly. “I’m a huge fan of classic Westerns and have always gotten a kick out of werewolf movies and tales of the supernatural. Bronze Star mashes-up all those genres and takes them to a whole new level.”

The BRONZE STAR Kickstarter campaign features several rewards and stretch goals, including exclusive art prints by Broderick and additional story pages. The crowdfund campaign is expected to conclude at the end of June.

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