MURCIÉLAGA SHE-BAT #19 The conclusion to “Rings for a Demon”

It’s the final chapter of the multi-part Reiki Warriors epic, “Rings for a Demon”!

It started in Murciélaga She-Bat #8, and has continued across multiple issues of that title. Now, at last, it’s the ninth and final chapter of “Rings for a Demon,” by Eric Dinehart, Duncan Rouleau, and Adrian Kleinbergen.

The story, artwork, and lettering for this issue are long since complete, all that remains is to add color to this classic adventure. And that will be done by done other that Dærick Gröss Sr., the creator of the Reiki. As soon as that colorwork is done, this issue will go straight to our printer.

(Early B&W preview, final work will be in color)


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