Counter Strike: Global Offensive has become one of the most popular online multiplayer games in the world today. It is only unfortunate that only a small number of players play at the highest levels and thanks to askboosters services, they can offer you the opportunity of playing at the highest levels by getting you ranked up quickly.

Most times why players are not able to improve their rankings and play at the highest level is because they do little or nothing to improve their in game skills. Some people just play to take away the stress of the day or as a form of relaxation after coming back from a day’s job. They do not want to stress themselves during the game-play by learning new tricks to be better and easily defeat their opponents. This is what spells out the difference between ordinary players and pro players. Here are the best tips and tricks for anyone that wants to be a better CS:GO, player.

  1. Learn the weapons: For anyone that wishes to go professional in CS:GO, one of the basic things you need to do is to learn and get conversant with the weapon you are going to use throughout the game. Learn the basic weapons and their recoil patterns. This could be done by practicing with bots or playing Deathmatch to improve your aim. Also, practice long range sprays because it could come in handy in scenarios that require multi-kills.
  2. Learn all the points of the map: When you intend playing on any map. Make sure you have studied it properly and have a good understanding of the maps. A better understanding of CS:GO maps is what distinguishes a professional player from a beginner. They know how to move around and when the enemy can appear from. It also improves your efficiency and speed in communicating with your teammates.
  3. Starting with the core weapons is important: In CS:GO there are lots of guns. Some of them look very impressive and make one feel they have already had an upper hand or are invincible with them. They make purchases on weapons like Desert Eagle, AWP but do not understand the usage of such weapons. It is better to start with effective in-game firearms such as Tee-9(T), P250 pistols, or the AK-47, M4A4 rifles.
  4. Check your bullets and reload: There should always be enough ammo in your magazine to kill your virtual opponents. But in scenarios where you need to reload, it takes time and also leaves you vulnerable. So it is always wise to wait for the right moments to reload CSGO guns. While reloading make sure you feel safe and in need of it.
  5. Make use of the right gaming equipment: Using the right gaming equipment enables better performance. What do I mean? If you are using a system, make sure it is one that gives you 250+ fps with a 144 or 240-hertz gaming monitor. A mechanical keyboard will be better to help you in-game movement. A good mouse with a good sensor that would not skip in an intense match is necessary, then listening to the sound to hear every detail is only possible with the use of a good premium headset that helps you hear your enemies’ footsteps.
  6. Watch and learn from the best players: When top players play and you watch their streams, it can teach you a lot especially when they play in competitive matches. Watching your favorite top player play in tournaments will help you learn new things that you can implement in your game style. Learning never stops as even the pro players keep learning and adding new things to their game-play.
  7. Communicate with your teammates: Being a good player alone does not make you win CS:GO matches. Since it is a multiplayer game that is team-based. It is necessary to start developing effective communication skills from the beginning. Share your position, tell your teammates about the enemy’s actions, and organize your strategy for each round. This will make the game-play more exciting and before you know it, you have a team of players you are convenient with. This is how the most effective teams were created.
  8. Start with warm-up matches: Never start a match without warming up. Play a Deathmatch or create an offline map with bots before you start the game. The bots give you a great opportunity to understand the game basics and not become confused and frustrated. When you are sure you know what to do and can kill the bots easily, then you can proceed into casual matchmaking.
  9. Give attention to the radar: Most professionals while playing pay attention to the game radar. The minimap is an important mechanism in CS:GO as it shows the position of teammates and tells you which areas remain open for the enemy.
  10.  Economy is important: Game economy in CS:GO is important and can cause a problem if you spend carelessly. Always count your money, your teammate’s money, and the money of your enemies.

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