Movies’ Top 3 superheroes of the last decade

Everybody loves superheroes, whether you’re small or a fully-grown adult. And thanks to DC and Marvel movies, we’ve seen some of the most creative and most awesome superheroes in history. With that said, it’s a debate that always sparks intense conversation when you ask a set of DC or Marvel fans who their favorite superheroes are. It gets all the more intense when you ask for some justification as to why this hero is their favorite too!

Obviously, all of the superheroes that have sprung from DC and Marvel have different abilities that help them to save the world. And throughout this article, we’ve attempted to settle the debate to a certain extent by highlighting our top 3 superheroes, along with why they are the most powerful. We certainly had a ball in putting this post together, and we are sure you will have a lot of fun reading it.

So without further ado, let’s get started with superhero number one.


Given that Batman is technically a billionaire, and that he has some of the best gadgets we have ever seen, what’s not to love about this guy? Not only is Bruce Wayne a super-rich public figure, yet his secret life of fighting bad guys with incredible costumes and gadgets ranks him well up the list for DC superheroes. If you’ve watched any of the Batman movies, you will know that Bruce Wayne associates with some rather high-class people, yet he has managed to battle and defeat some of the most legendary villains as Batman too.

Most notably, Bane and Joker were particularly entertaining villains for Batman to overcome, and he did so with fast cars, powerful weapons, and awesome combat abilities. When you combine all of these features for just one guy, it’s impossible not to get hooked on his life and his abilities. And if you are a Batman fan, we’d encourage you to explore more details of this guy at

Iron Man

From one rather rich man to another, here we have Iron Man, or Tony Stark as he is known by the public. In terms of brains, charisma, and charm, it doesn’t get much better than Iron Man. Stark lives out in California in one of the best mansions we’ve ever seen, he has access to gadgets that mere mortals couldn’t even imagine, and he flies around the world in his mighty Iron Man suit when he feels like blowing off a bit of steam. Compare these features with what other Marvel superheroes have, and it’s just impossible not to list Iron Man as one of the best superheroes of our time.

And as with all great superheroes, he has overcome some pretty awful enemies in his time. These successes are also a major reason why we love Iron Man, and we can’t wait to see what he will be involved in next.


Our final superhero that absolutely deserves all of the credit he gets is Spiderman. While the other two guys have somewhat manufactured their alter-egos through wealth and technical expertise, we love Spiderman as the creation of this superhero was truly magical. Of course, being bitten by a spider that provided him with superhero abilities is pretty cool, but we also love the skills of this superhero, which is why we’ve got him down in the top 3.

While Spiderman might not have the wealth, the high-class parties, or the cool life as both Batman and Iron Man do, he arguably has better core skills. Being able to dispatch multiple enemies with amazing combos, swing through cities with web-slinging wrists, and be able to sense when danger is about to occur is pretty cool. And besides the actual superhero himself, the movies that involve Spiderman are absolutely awesome. Not a single one of them has disappointed thus far, and long may that continue.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our list of the top 3 cinematic superheroes of recent times. And while it is likely that you will have your own favorites, we hope that we have sparked your interest in looking back through some of the greatest DC and Marvel movies and moments of the past. It is just undeniable that these guys have created some of the best and most popular superheroes over the last few decades, and we hope that they will start to introduce fresh movies for upcoming movies too.

After all, we need more superheroes for the seemingly increasing number of villains that spring up from all over the world, and we can’t wait to watch them clash once more.

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