Top 5 Marvel Superheroes

Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe are two world-famous companies, whose products have millions of fans throughout the world. The first one published comics, whereas other is famous for producing superhero films based on these comics. It’s impossible to count on the number of all superheroes that appeared in comics pages because many heroes appeared only in one episode and had a bit part in it. Each character has a unique ability and story of life.

If you want to read all comic books and watch all Marvel movies, it will take you many a day; however, there’s nothing impossible for a true fan. Be ready that you almost won’t have free time to spend it on other things that matter for you, for example, work, hobbies or studying. The rate of Marvel fans among students is significant. Thanks to the Internet, every student can address academic paper writing help and do what he or she considers to be necessary.


  1. Deadpool

This character is a favorite of many comics lovers. Movies released a few years ago made him especially popular. Deadpool first appeared on the pages of Marvel comics in 1991. He was subjected to clinical trials to cure cancer. Scientists succeeded. Besides, the cells of his body got regenerative abilities, but his skin was disfigured. Deadpool gained popularity because of his unique sense of humor, that’s sometimes quite cynical. Sometimes students have to write their comics, so if you face such an assignment, be sure to include such character in your plot to make your comics successful. Writing comics for the first time may be difficult so that you may rely on academic writing services, such as Professional writers can help you with any task.


  1. Iron Man

“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist…” — these words sound familiar for any Marvel fan. The first appearance of Tony Stark in Marvel Comics dates back to 1963. He is an ingenious inventor and entrepreneur who was captured by terrorists. They tried to make him create the weapon of mass destruction, but instead of it, Tony builds a high-tech body armor suit and manages to escape from the prison. As a consequence, Tony will develop a lot of different costumes with different abilities. If you start finding out the information about them, be sure that you won’t stop. We advise you to take care of your urgent tasks in advance and order them online. Type in the search query “do my accounting homework” and find a reliable helper.


  1. Spider-Man

The real name of this superhero is Peter Parker. He got his superpowers by accident — radioactive spider bites him, and he gets “spider” abilities. For example, Peter can crawl up the walls and has excellent strength. Peter’s scientific knowledge lets him create a device that can produce spider web. By day he is an ordinary student, but the rest of the time, Peter tries to fight crime. Even in comics, students handle several responsibilities. If it describes you, don’t forget to rest more. Free some time for yourself by using such academic writing service as Speedy Paper. The number of positive reviews suggests that this company is reliable.


  1. Captain America

Here’s another superhero, who gained his powers after medical experiments. Scientists created the experimental serum that should have made the ordinary man a supersoldier. Steve Rogers agreed to become the test subject. The process of transformation was difficult, but Steve’s organism managed to overcome this challenge and become incredibly strong. Captain America is a symbol of patriotism that serves as counter-espionage. If you need to write a paper on such a topic, feel free to use Captain Rogers as an example. In case you’re not good at writing, visit the academic writing service and leave an inquiry like “write this essay for me.”


  1. Black Widow

No one superhero comics can do without a femme fatale. Natasha Romanoff was created in 1964. She decided to celebrate the life of died husband and joined Red Room Academy — the organization that trained operatives. Natasha was a great athlete; that’s why she managed to achieve success in her work.


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