Most Legendary WWE Wrestlers

WWE is one of the most popular entertainment/wrestling leagues in the world. Millions of people tune in to watch some of the world’s most popular wrestlers as they size up in the ring. Many stunts, excellent fights, and star-studded events are some of the factors that managed to elevate this sport to the scale where it is today.

Apart from watching the regular fights, WWE fans are also more than willing to place bets on their favorite wrestlers. That is why numerous sportsbooks have included this sport as an available category. Most recently, one alternative way of placing bets has surfaced and it became quite popular.

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Throughout the years, there have been many wrestlers in WWE that left a mark on the sport. Their names will forever be remembered and these people will be considered as GOATS of the sport. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to dive into as we will provide you with our personal list of the most legendary wrestlers. Let’s check them out.

Andre The Giant

Thanks to being 7 feet tall, André René Roussimoff got popular by the nickname Andre The Giant. He is a retired professional wrestler and an actor. The Frenchman started his career at the age of 18 and thanks to his talents, the WWE was quick to sign him.

He went on an undefeated streak from 1973 to 1986, which is quite impressive, and was mentioned in the 1974 Guinness Book of Records as the highest-paid wrestler in history (at the time). Andre passed away in 1993 after a heart failure in Paris.

Hulk Hogan

Arguably one of Andre the Giant’s greatest rivals is also one of the greatest legends of the sport. Known for his skills, but also the unique look, Hulk Hogan had quite a personality, which helped him rise to the top fast and become a well-known wrestler in every part of the world.

His skills go well-beyond wrestling, though. Hulk Hogan is known for his acting skills, entrepreneurship, TV personality skills, and he is also a singer. Hogan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, and again in 2020, but this time as a member of the NOW.

The Undertaker

Everybody was sad to hear the news that the Undertaker has finally decided to hang the robe and retire. He is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular wrestlers of the modern era. He is a seven-time world champion and held the WWF/E Championship 4 times and the World Heavyweight Championship 3 times.

Thanks to its unique horror-themed personality, the Undertaker rose to popularity quite fast. He began his career in 1987 and joined the WWE in 1990. During the final episode of the Undertaker: The Last Ride in June, he announced his retirement from the sport.

Ric Flair

While many young kids know Ric Flair from the song Ric Flair Drip, what most of them are not familiar with is the fact that he is quite the legend in the sport. He is officially recognized as a 16-time World Champion, although he claimed to be a 21-time champion, which is why his reign varies from one source to another.

Even though he enjoys his retirement and has indulged in other areas of life, Ric Flair left a massive mark on the sport and helped shape the WWE into what it is today.

John Cena

Finally, we have probably the greatest wrestler of all time and apparently the man who can be at any place and time without being seen. John Cena has everything – a likable personality, top-notch skills, great ring entrances, has played in many popular movies, but most importantly – he is one of the most well-known Internet memes.

We may use his name to crack a joke here and there, but there is no denying that John Cena is one of the greatest as he is tied with Ric Flair as a 16-time World Champion.

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