Best Review Ever! CAPTAIN CANUCK #23 (S5E1)

PUBLISHER: Lev Gleason (Chapterhouse)
WRITER: Ho Che Anderson
COLORS: Donovan Yaciuk
LETTERS: Andrews Thomas
EDITOR: Keith Wts Morris
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Tony White & Josh Rose
COVER A: Ken Lashley
COVER B: Ho Che Anderson
COVER C: Andrews Thomas
PRICE: $4.99
SUMMARY: “TERRA INCOGNITA” Michael Evans saved the world from an alien invasion and seemingly lost his
brother in the process. Now, the charismatic leader of Equilibrium unveils his latest effort to protect the Earth from future threats as well as develop power and resources for the whole of civilization. However, not everyone is a believer in Michael’s vision for building a new prosperous world.).
COMMENTS:  Whenever a comic replaces a title hero the fans think the “real” hero will be back in a year. There is no telling if that is the case this time. Tom Evens is still in the comic, and his brother Michael has picked a new Captain Canuck, Darren Oak. Fresh from his appearance in FCBD 2019 CAPTAIN CANUCK EQUILIBRIUM SHIFT #1, Oak is cool and collected, he presents well as the Captain. This story continues directly after the Invasion storyline. Invasion moved the Chapterverse away from the world outside your window into something quite different. A universe with a rich diverse alien presence, one that Invaded Earth, which is where the title came from. In the wake of that invasion, there is alien tech all over the place. The bad guys have it and Michael Evens has it. Michael wants to use it to make cheap renewable energy and not everyone is on board. There are protests and questionable choices. As always, you have to wonder if Michael Evans is the hero or the villain. This is a wonderful start for the next chapter with lots of questions and interesting situations that will be fun to watch play out through this season of Captain Canuck.

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