Most Famous Gambling Pop Symbols


We find episodes and mention of gambling in written documents as far as human history dates back to. It has thus never been just a sport but a lifestyle. The world of gambling is always situated at the margin of mainstream society having its own peculiarities and aura. It is no surprise that gambling is taken up by popular culture as an element of suave and often notoriousness. The latter adds an appeal to anything serious.

There are several gambling pop symbols that have become very close to people’s hearts and stand tall as one of the reasons why gambling games are considered cool despite the risk factor that they entail (or maybe because of it).

Television shows, comics, and movies have shown ample references to gambling and have been well-received among fans. Online casinos have also dedicated pop-culture-themed casinos, games and slot machines. In case you are intrigued, according to a review on the Casino Kingdom, you can simply make your minimal Casino Kingdom $1 deposit and begin by bagging a bonus. You can sign up from your mobile and play all day. We bet you would love to try your luck at one of these.

In this article, we are gonna talk about the famous gambling pop symbols that introduced us to the world of gambling before we knew anything about it. Read on to see how many you know.


It would have been extremely unfair if we did not begin our list with this Star Wars game. We need not remind anyone of the popularity that Star Wars enjoy among fans of every age. Sabacc is “the game of the galaxy”. It is a card game that has several variations just as we see in an original card game. A deck has 76 cards and high stakes are wagered in the course of the game.

Since it is played across galaxies, it has several different ways of playing and players who are extremely hard to beat are also called Sabaccs. There are several casino games that have slots similar to Sabacc’s theme. According to a review on Casino Classic, you can sign up with a deposit of a mere $1 to play online slots.


Gambit is among the very few superheroes who can be called a gambling pop symbol. Mostly, gambling is the forte of supervillains but Gambit single-handedly destroys one of the myths about casinos and proves that gambling and cards can be just as associative with superheroes that save the world.

He is a mutant in the X-Men series and his power lies in being able to convert an inanimate object’s potential energy into light kinetic energy. He charges them up to this power. And he uses cards because he loves them. Much like The Joker, he is often associated with a pack of poker cards.

Although he is more prevalent in the comics than in the movies, in X-Men Origins, he makes a cameo. Wolverine meets him at a gambling center very much like a casino and soon a fight between Victor and Wolverine ensues. It is at this very juncture that we get a glimpse of his power and what he can do with cards.

James Bond

We know you have been eagerly waiting for this. James Bond is perhaps the very first man who made gambling and the poker machine look sexy and attractive. The 2006 Casino Royale is an entire film that is based on bets and winning high stakes at the poker game.

Apart from Casino Royale, Bond has been seen visiting and playing gamble in several books and some of the earlier movies like Dr. No, Thunderball, Diamonds are Forever, and GoldenEye. These are rated as the best casino appearances in the franchise. Even online casinos have James Bond-style themes for fans to make their fantasy come true.


Friends went off the air 17 years back but even today it enjoys insane popularity among people of every age. Teenagers who were not even born when the show first aired are madly in love with it. The 6 friends have become the face of pop culture and it is hard to come by a person who is not a Friend’s fan. It is often considered the mother of all sitcoms that we see today featuring young people bustling through their life in America.

There were several episodes that were shot in a casino and the characters played the most famous games of Poker, Blackjack, and rolled the dice. The most famous one has to be where Monica and Chandler decide that they would marry in Vegas if they get the desired number on the dice.

Another episode in season 2 is called “The One With All the Poker”. It has an IMDB rating of 8.8. In this episode, the boys play poker with the girls who do not have any previous experience. The most iconic scene was when Rachel shuffled the cards like a pro.

The Joker

Batman’s nemesis is an extraordinary villain. He terrorizes Gotham city and feeds on the fear of its people. He derives his name from one of the cards from the deck used to play poker and of course, a very important one.

Although we do not see him extremely involved in gambling, the reason why he is included in the list is that his way of working is much like the very game of gambling. Joker loves high risks and is very unpredictable. The list would have been incomplete without him.

Final Word

We are sure you relate to almost all of these as they have been making gambling pretty famous and in turn became a popular symbol for it. And the best part is none of this seems distant anymore for you can play online video poker in the good old style.

Are you still skeptical about how online casinos can simulate the real ones? Oh boy! You don’t even know where technology and sophisticated software have taken online gambling to. Countries like Australia, Japan, Canada, and many more have such amazing online slots.

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