Comic books have been a constant companion for us. No matter how old you grow, you can never grow weary of comic books. It opens up a whole different trajectory of imagination. The webs of the author’s creation seem to enmesh us in the fantasizing fiction. It’s funny how one can be so invested in comics.

As adults too, we love to buy collectibles and it breaks our heart to throw away any of the figurines or the old, tattered issues. There are several games dedicated to these comic characters and they are immensely popular. These characters have ruled and are still ruling the hearts of millions. Be it DC or Marvel – we are in awe of the aura that they come wrapped in. Even their villains have an appeal that enraptured us.

Gambling has been a repetitive occurrence in comics. Several of the characters have been involved in gambling. They were the reason why gambling always looked so cool. Inspired by the same, certain comic book slots have also been designed to fit online gambling games. If you are a novice and wish to visit one such, try a low-budget casino, to begin with. According to reviews, there are several low deposit casino NZ that you can try your luck at. These online casinos allow you to make a minimum deposit of a few dollar (sometimes at $1). You can play this for free on your mobile. The casinos and the cards always added an element of suave to the characters involved in gambling. Some of them are extremely popular and possessors of great power and wit.

In this article, we have listed some of those phenomenal characters who had to have their affiliation to gambling. Read on to see if any of them are your favorite.


Chance is an enemy of our all-time favorite Spider-Man. He is a supervillain and enjoys massive popularity among comic lovers. His alter ego, Nicolas Powell is a professional gambler. His name is an unusual one but suits his character as he takes massive risks and leaves a lot of it to chance, just like gambling. And surprisingly, luck favors him; a bit too much sometimes.

His character is very much reliant on gambling as part of his modus operandi and this makes him an interesting character.

The Joker

The Joker has to be one of the most phenomenal characters of the DC universe. He is a foil to Batman and among the greatest villains. The 2008 movie called The Dark Knight has made Joker a hit. And we have Heath Ledger to owe. His phenomenal acting has made history as previous to him no Academy Award was given to an actor who played in a superhero movie.

The name Joker has been derived from the deck of playing cards and he is often seen using it. His unpredictability has often made people compare him to the game of poker which is an integral part of gambling. Although he is not an avid gambler, we have included him in this list because his powers, way of thinking and action resembles a casino game.

Black Jack

Not many comic book heroes are associated with gambling but the cool super-villains are. Black Jack is one of them. While he was left to die in a room by mobsters, he found an ace of spades which aided him in his escape and since then he adopted it as his alter-ego.

Blackjack is also among the most popular games played in casinos. This superhero then brought his offenders to justice.


Golden Age, who runs a casino, has a granddaughter called Veronica with an alter-ego by the name Roulette. She is a classic sexy villain who is almost directly related to the gambling world. Her casino is a dungeon for all sorts of outlaw behavior.

Superheroes are captured and made to fight while the villains place their bets on them. She is as much admired and feared as Hela. Roulette runs a little Hades of her own.


Gambler is also among the villains who display an affinity with gambling. His first appearance was marked in opposition to Green Lantern. He is the founding member of the Injustice Society. He has always been a great gambler and has Stephen Sharpe V and Stephen Sharpe III as his alter egos.

He is a criminal with a great mind that he used to rob banks and do a lot more. His sharpness and wit are derived from his association with gambling.


8-Ball is from the Marvel universe and the nemesis of Sleepwalker. His power lies in his organized criminal group that terrorizes the whole of New York City. He had a well-to-do job but soon became entangled in gamble and lost all his money. To deal with the issue, he became a villain who went rampaging about the city stealing and gambling his money away to pay debts.

Casinos and Comic Characters Today

Now is the age of online slots games and a popular casino would definitely have at least one slot game dedicated to your favorite comic character. You can choose your favorite casino slot games to live the experience to its fullest. These super villains have used gambling as their strength rather than weakness. It is not a negative connotation at all that no superheroes are involved in gambling but only supervillains. We must remember that in the world of comics, super villains have a lot of power and often receive love and sympathy from readers for they do have an element of tragedy.

Final Word

If you like comics, you are bound to like a good casino game. Harness all your super-power and begin playing the popular slots that are available in your country. We are sure several slots are waiting for you to make your first deposit and claim your deposit bonus. Do not forget to utilize all the perks online gaming gives you which even your favorite supervillains didn’t have access to. AriaNews
Introduction Comic books have been a constant companion for us. No matter how old you grow, you can never grow weary of comic books. It opens up a whole different trajectory of imagination. The webs of the author's creation seem to enmesh us in the fantasizing fiction. It's funny how...