Mike Baron talks about THE BADGER

mike-baronFirst Comics News: The Badger has been around for 31 years, what has given the Badger such longevity?
Mike Baron: I don’t know, Rik. I’m just happy to be able to continue writing him. Part of Badger’s appeal is that he can be all things to all people. He is, after all, a multiple personality. Stories have been off-the-wall crazy and funny as well as deadly serious. I think more than anything it’s that off-the-wall quality. We also have a lot of fun with language.
1st: Wbadger-01_largehen can readers expect to see the new Badger series debut?
Mike: Looks like April now.
1st: What brings the Badger back to first comics?
Mike: We serve at First’s pleasure. I think they know Badger is a unique and appealing character, a forerunner of Lobo and Deadpool.
 1st: What is the planed publication frequency?
badger-02Mike: It’s a five issue mini-series but I’m lobbying for a monthly ongoing series. If you’d like to see this please go to First’s Facebook page and tell them.
1st: Does this series pick up right after the IDW stories?
Mike: No. I rebooted the character. 
1st: How is Norbert doing these days?
Mike: He’s a new man! Every fifteen minutes he’s a new man! 
badger-031st: Norbert was a Vietnam vet, 30 years later is he still a Vietnam vet or is he now a Afghanistan veteran?
Mike: You called it, Rik! The first issue presents Badger’s origin in a new light.
1st: Will Ham, Daisy and Mavis also be featured in the new series?
Mike: Oh yeah.
1st: What should readers know about the Badger before picking up the first issue?

: Badger is here to entertain you. You need not steep yourself in Talmud or back-issues to enjoy him.
1st: Originally the Badger had a sense of humor, and the stories didn’t take themselves too seriously. Shattered Mirror on the other hand was much more serious. What is the tone of the new series?
Mike: We will vacillate between side-splitting hilarity and soul-shredding grief.
1st: Will the series be available through Diamond?
Mike: Yes.

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