Midnight Mystery #2 Review

One of my favorite new comics in the last few months has been Bernie Gonzalez’s excellent new limited series Midnight Mystery from Alterna Comics. This issue continues the story of Detective Ezekiel King, who was hired to find the son of deceased horror host Count Karloff, only to be doubled-crossed, knocked out and left at the mercy of his enemy.

The story is an all-ages horror title much like Kojack or even Dark Shadows to a certain extent, nothing too graphic yet perfectly entertaining and enjoyable. Bernie handles both the writing and artwork on the series as it looks to be a labor of love for him. The artwork is fantastic, done in the style of the Batman: The Animated Series from years back, and as someone who is a huge fan of the style it really connected with me.

In addition to the base story Bernie also throws in a little something extra that will tickle older readers such as myself. the first issue had a Midnight Mysteries membership card you could cut out of the book and the second issue has fake ad for snackfoods using the characters. If you were a comic Marvel Comics reader of the early 80’s you probably remember the Hostess one-page strips featuring Spider-Man or Fantastic Four stopping the villain by giving them a snack, same idea and very well done.

As you probably know, Alterna Comics is the publisher famously claiming to be bringing back newsprint and offering new comics at 1990 prices. Midnight Mystery is one of them, each issue costs a mere $1.50 which means the entire series will run you a mere $6. Read that last sentence again, check your phone to confirm the date and then get to your local comic shop to pick up this series.

Midnight Mystery #2
Alterna Comics – $1.50

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