MIBR and HEET Grab their spots for ESL Pro League Season 16

A few weeks ago in April 2022, Heet and MIBR managed to win ESL Challengers League Season 40 in their respective regions. Particularly noteworthy is MIBR’s ability to participate in ESL Pro League 16 without losing any. Likewise, HEET was able to achieve success with only one defeat.

Now, let’s take a look at the roadmaps of both teams leading to ESL Pro League Season 16.


In the European region, Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro and his team battled 1WIN in the grand final series. The fight, which continued until the last map, resulted in a 3-2 score for HEET. While 1WIN won the first map, HEET was able to win the next map. However, things got serious when 1WIN, who had no intention of leaving the final, won the next map again. Throughout the last 2 fiercely competitive maps, HEET achieved a great win with incredible effort.

Meanwhile, HEET is currently taking part in PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B. And they will play their first match on 21 April 2022. If you are placing any bets on the PGL Major we advise you to check out HEET’s matches in the group PGL group. Because they are ready as a team and it is obvious that they are extremely focused.

Current Roster of HEET

  • Coach: Matthieu ‘matHEND’ Roquigny
  • Aurélien ‘afro’ Drapier’s – 1.06 Rating
  • Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro – 1.08 Rating
  • Thomas “Djoko” Pavoni – 1.03 Rating
  • Pierre ‘Ex3rcice’ Bulinge – 1.03 Rating
  • Lucas “Lucky” Chastang – 1.05 Rating


MIBR, which dominated the ESL Challenger event in the North American region, qualified for ESL Pro League Season 16. Their victories against Orgless, Carpe Diem, and paIN enabled them to reach the final. Although the last match was with Carpe Diem, they were already participating in the EPL Conference whether they won or lost this match.

However, they managed to win the last match of ESL Challenger Season 40 with a clear score of 3-1. With the participation of MIBR, ESL Pro League Season 16 slowly started to take shape. In addition, MIBR are currently competing in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 North America. Moreover, their outstanding performance is enough to keep them at the forefront of the tournaments they participate in.

MIBR’s last 3-month win rate is 73.5%, which is reflected in the statistics. If you have experience with Esports betting, this statistic may be an opportunity for you. If you are not experienced with CSGO betting, you may want to read our blog “What you need to know before placing bets on Esports”.

Current Roster of MIBR

  • Coach: Bruno ‘BIT’ Fukuda Lima
  • Marcelo ‘chelo’ Cespedes – 1.21 Rating
  • Raphael ‘exit’ Lacerda – 1.11 Rating
  • Matheus ‘Tuurtle’ Anhaia – 1.09 Rating
  • Adriano ‘WOOD7’ Cerato – 1.02 Rating
  • Jhonatan ‘JOTA’ Willian – 1.23 Rating

ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference

16 teams will compete in the Conference in order to participate in the ESL Pro League Season 16 groups. Conference matches will be played between 14-19 June 2022 and only 6 teams will qualify.

Currently, seven of the 16 slots are already filled. The remaining slots will be entered from various regions from Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Spain, France, and Turkey. Furthermore, the tournament will be held in Jönköping, Sweden, and it is expected to be the scene of fierce competition.

Currently Eligible Teams for ESL Pro League Season 16 Conference are;

  • Outsiders – ESL Challengers February 2022
  • HEET – ECL S40 EU
  • MIBR – ECL S40 NA
  • paiN – ESEA Premier S39 NA
  • Sprout – ESEA Premier S39 EU
  • Endpoint – ESL Premiership Spring 2022
  • Looking For Org – ESEA Premier S39 AU
  • Rare Atom – ECL S40 APAC
  • ? – ANZ Champs S14
  • ? – ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2022 Finals
  • ? – ESL National Champ. France Spring 2022
  • ? – ESL Turkey Champ. Spring 2022
  • ? – ESL Polish Champ. Spring 2022
  • ? – ESL Masters Spain S11 Finals
  • ? – ESL Benelux Champ. Spring 2022
  • ? – ESL National Champ. Switzerland Spring 2022

Final Words

CSGO tournaments all over the world continue at full speed. Global tournaments such as IEM, PGL, and ESL are the scene of incredible competition. Those who want to earn real money from CSGO are eagerly trying to follow these matches.

If you are one of them, this summer may be very hot. Moreover, do not forget to follow our blog and receive important information about CSGO tournaments.

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