What you should know before betting on eSports

eSports betting is a relatively young market. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that there are many tips and strategies to increase your chances of profit. We’ll list the basic things the beginner should keep in mind before starting to place bets.

Play the Game

By playing the game on which you’re going to bet you will be able to understand better why bookmakers offer one or the other odds. You will also get to know the basic rules, modes, and characters, used by professional eSports players, which will help to manage funds better in the future.

Analyze eSports Organizations

After understanding the basic principles of how a game works you should check the teams and players that compete in the eSports tournaments 

The structure in eSports teams looks the same as any other sport: every big professional squad has its own coach and players with contracts. Both can transfer to other clubs, depending on the results.

Teams have a complete set of social networks and their websites, so researching won’t be a problem, but it would be better to use forums on which we can get much more honest feedback about these players.

Use the Services of Several Different Bookmakers

Betting is a very delicate business, where conditions change very often. Different bookmakers might also have different odds, bonuses, and options for their clients. Don’t keep the whole bank in a single place, because it’s hard to determine when it would be more profitable to place bets in one place or another.

To track who’s the most trusted bookmaker, where you can find the widest line and best mobile apps to use anywhere Bookmaker Ratings reviews all of them. For example, from a review of a Romanian operator Superbet, available at https://bookmaker-ratings.com/review/superbet-bookmaker-review/, we can see that they accept bets on eSports both on the web and android/ios apps.

Thanks to comparing odds on various sites you gain the opportunity to improve your chances of making the most of your profit from betting.

Watch Games Live

Watching live streams of the eSports games lets you understand the mood of the players, their chances to change the tide, and determine who’s better and who’s just lucky. The atmosphere of the game is an important insight, which can’t be found through the odds and numbers on the bookmaker’s site.

Most of the largest tournaments stream on such sites, as Twitch and YouTube.

Expand Your Knowledge in the eSports Industry

The gaming community is very creative, so feel free to use what has already been built before you. People invented many opportunities to make it much more convenient for you to analyze, collect statistics and understand what you still don’t comprehend enough.

Feel free to refer to the forums and blogs on eSports and eSports betting, where you can always find missing stats, find info on the players you analyze currently, or refresh your knowledge in a variety of fields. We advise thematic blogs on bigger sites and Reddit if you decide to better your results in eSports betting.

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