One of the great joys for regular readers of our long-running Men of Mystery Golden Age costumed-hero reprint series is seeing in-print examples of little-known champions of that bygone era. November’s MOM #110, “Mondo Obscuro”, plays up the rarities in spades.

This issue of MOM does feature a full half-dozen “stars”- major characters that had long-running series and/or their own titles; including cover feature MINUTE MAN in a never-previously-reprinted story drawn by Phil Bard. In addition, there will be top-flight adventures starring LADY LUCK (with art by Klaus Nordling), FLINT BAKER, The GREEN LAMA (from his Prize Comics run), The BLACK OWL and BLACKHAWK.

Beyond that, things get particularly interesting.

We’ll present an episode of Frank Thomas’ wonderful The OWL, another of the seldom-seen insect-hero from the late-1940’s “proto-Charlton ” publisher Frank R. Communale Pubs- The YELLOWJACKET; one story each of three seldom-seen heroes from the Novelty Press line, the freeze-powered SUB-ZERO; The TARGET (and his Targeteers), and the Mickey Spillane creation (drawn by the great Paul Gustavson), The TWISTER. We’ve previously reprinted one or two other stories of these characters in previous issues, but no more than that.

The centerpiece of this issue is the six, count ’em SIX weird, wild and wooly, never-before-seen (since their original printings in the 1940’s) heroes presented for the edification of discerning Men of Mystery readers.

Get ready for full-story reprints of MAJOR VICTORY, DYNAMIC BOY (Both from Major Victory Comics), The RED KNIGHT (out of Red Dragon Comics), MIRROR MAN, The TRIPLE TERROR (both from Tip Top Comics) and RADIOR (from the extremely rare Key Ring Comics!!!

We feel confident in assuring all readers (and potential readers) that you’ve never seen any of these stories ( let alone the characters starring in them) in print anywhere unless you happen to OWN any of the high-priced, moldering collectible copies of their original GA appearances.

If you are fascinated by the comic books of the First Heroic era, vintage panelology in general, or obscure heroes, you can’t miss this issue!

Men of Mystery #110, 140 pages of crisp, clean black & white full-story reprints of actual vintage comic book heroes; standard comic book size and saddle-stitched inside a full-color cover, for $29.95.

Coming in November from AC Comics.

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