Marty’s Kickstarter Pick – Mutant World & Son of Mutant World

A hardcover collected edition of stories originally from Warren Publishing’s brilliant sci-fi magazine, 1984? Stories that have been out of print for 30 years? By comic industry greats Richard Corben and Jan Strnad? Geez, Louise! Yes, please!!! Where can I get such an amazing book?

Where else but Kickstarter?

Mutant World Cover

Mutant World was created in 1978, written by Richard Corben and Jan Strnad with art by Richard. As mentioned, the series was originally serialized in the sci-fi magazine, 1984. A black and white comic magazine published from 1978 to, interestingly enough, 1983. This adult fantasy magazine contained some pretty mature comics for that era.

But what is Mutant World? As Jan himself tells it, “… a post-apocalyptic tale about a mutant named “Dimento” and his quest for love and survival in a world that no longer harbors a love for living things. In the course of his adventure, he runs afoul of wild beasts, a religious fanatic, sewer creatures, mad scientists, and devious mutants determined to cheat him out of his hard-won foodstuffs.”

Son of Mutant World
Son of Mutant World

Richard and Jan were not pleased with how the 1984 editors changed the series for the magazine. The dialogue was changed and panels were moved about without any creative input from Richard or Jan.

A graphic novel version of the story was later published, restoring all the editorial changes and adding several pages to flesh out the story between chapters.

Son of Mutant World was a continuation that saw print in a series of five comic books by underground publisher, Fantagor Press. The first few issues were in colour but printing quality was not the best, the remaining issues were black and white only. This too was reprinted in graphic novel format but only in Europe and never in English.

This new, 160 page collected edition will see the original Son of Mutant World pages recoloured (in some cases coloured for the first time) by Beth Corben Reed.

The project is ready to print meaning a super fast expected project completion of only three months. Coming in two hardcover editions, a regular version and a limited 200 signed and numbered edition which will include a stunning Giclée art print by Richard Corben and signed by Richard, Jan, and Beth.

Reward levels include the standard digital-only edition, the regular hardcover, and the now sold-out limited edition, sorry. No other perks are offered. No buttons, no t-shirts, nada. And I’m okay with that. Sometimes Kickstarter campaigns try too hard to bundle too much swag into their reward tiers.

All the nitty-gritty details can be found here!

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