Marty’s Kickstarter Pick … Dark | Sanctuary

The fine folks at Sandstone Comics have launched a Kickstarter to fund a new horror comic titled Dark | Sanctuary.

“14-year-old Cassie needs to run away from home… and her father.”

Dark Sanctuary #1 Cover

“Online, she finds a secret society offering refuge to teenagers like herself, but what Cassie doesn’t know is that there’s something – and someone – much more deadly behind Sanctuary.”

“Led to Sanctuary in the dark heart of The Cradle in Charlotte City by the slick Ari, Cassie finds a new home that, at first glance, promises salvation, but in truth houses an ancient evil, an evil that demands its misfits carry out its bidding, and eventually give up their lives, in exchange for their temporary safety.”

“But Dad is on the hunt for his daughter, and it’s only a matter of time before Cassie, her father and the denizens of Sanctuary come together in a bloody confrontation – overseen by the twisted force behind it all – that holds the future of Charlotte City in its balance.”

Brought to you by writer Dave Stewart and artist Sandy Carruthers, Dark | Sanctuary is promising a “new world of comics” and an experience harkening back to the vintage horror magazines like Eerie and Creepy.

Dark Sanctuary #1 Panel
Dark Sanctuary #1 Panel

I have been involved in supporting several previous crowdfunded comics from Sandstone such as Sandstone Comics Presents and Indestructible. Both have proven to be top-notch comics with great writing and art so I am enthusiastically putting my dollars in Sandstone’s hands for Dark | Sanctuary. The other Kickstaters from Sandstone not only delivered great books but the projects were well run with plenty of updates and a good delivery timeline.

Rewards for the Kickstarter are your usual digital copy of the comic for a mere $3, a physical copy at $5, retailer packages with 10 physical copies, exclusive prints, back issues from the Sandstone library and a deluxe $200 package that includes pretty much everything and an 11×17 piece of original comic art from Sandy.

Head on over to the Dark | Sanctuary Kickstarter to back this project.

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